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How I Got My First Order Within 7 Days

So I created my fiverr account just about 2 weeks ago. I am providing service as a Wordpress and Shopify Expert. I got my first order within 7 days of creating my account. I thought i would write something on that.Here’s all the things that I did

  1. Before creating the account I did my gig research and had all my Gig’s content ready this includes the keywords + images + Pricing + Descriptions
  2. Created my account and took time to complete my profile. Took the necessary test such as Wordpress,Fiverr English Test, Online freelancing essential test etc.
  3. Published my Gigs.
  4. Promoted my Gigs through different social media such as Facebook,Twitter,Linkedin, Medium, Pinterest.
  5. Sending 10 buyer requests everyday.
  6. Staying online for 10 Hours. ( Spent most time on fiver forum + developing my skill )
  7. I got my first knock on 6th day and It converted into an order. The order was Shopify home page design. I completed the order with a 5 star review. It was indeed a surreal feeling to complete my first order. There was a butterfly in my stomach the whole time until i finally delivered.

Also I would like to add that reading the fiverr forum’s post helped me a lot. I got familiar with so many things about fiverr; what to do and what not to. So many helpful and informative post . I am just glad to be in this community. I am willing to do hard work and develop my skill further day by day so that i can help other people accomplish their dreams.

I wish all the new sellers good luck. Hard work pays off. Hope you get your first order soon.


Really Good, Thank you for shear your Experience.

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Thank You for sharing your valuable experience. It will be very beneficial for the beginners.