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How I got My first order!

So I’m gonna tell you how I got my first order which was today!

So I only been on Fiverr for a month and I really wanted my first order I was so desperate so I went on the request page and asked people to promote my gig for free (don’t do that) Fiverr is against it but I was so desperate. A couple people reached out to me but when they started talking about charging me I quickly deleted the conversation. But 2 people helped me do it for free one person promoted my gig all around Facebook and all over the internet. But the other guy was the best! He treats me like a friend and is so kind he didn’t promote my gig but he gave me good tips after that my impressions started going up!! So then I started sending buyer requests. Then I was randomly watching tv and someone reached out to me they said they needed a gaming video editor and I said I could do it they said they would buy my standard pack and help me. I am so happy! And then if I finished editing their video!

So here is some tips:

1: don’t talk about money often (they won’t trust you)

2: be professional (if your not they will find someone else for the job)

3: send your buyer request everyday

4: try to be online (they will be more interested in buying if they see your online)

5: use the right tags and pictures

Well I hoped you enjoyed reading this I hope I could help a couple people out! It’s crazy how I get my first order in only within a month that’s crazy! I wish everyone the best with their gigs!


First Of All Congratulations :heartbeat:
I really enjoyed reading Your Post, Thanks For Your Informative Tips And
Wish You Best off Luck :heart_eyes:

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Thank you so much for such a valuable information :smiley: