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How I got my gig into search list

I started fiverr selling before 5 days. In the beginning, I published my gig and I didn’t see it in the search area. Then I tried to see it by adding filters like online + new seller+ logo gig.
Then I saw my gig and I saw happy.

After getting 2 orders I did the same thing to see my gig. I added various filters, but I was not able to see it due to some reason.

So I contacted fiverr customer service and told them my issue. Before some hours I got the reply from CS by telling that now it is available. I think it is due to some technical issue or something like that. Most of the guys in these days tell that their gig is not visible in search results.

I ask them to get in touch with CS and tell their problem.

This is my gig. It is now healthy and visible.