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How I got my gig to be featured for the past 6 months


I want to share with you fellow sellers a few of the things that I have learned over the past almost 3 years of working full time on Fiverr.
One of my gig’s has been featured for the past few months and has led to almost 4 times more work than before. I am confident that it is the result of countless hours of work and continue improvements which I would like to share with you.

Never stop learning as that will allow you to offer better products and a higher degree of quality that in the long term will produce more clients/sales.
I keep improving the files that I provide in order to offer the client with the tools he needs to easily use the designs that I provide.

From my experience almost each order requires an exception of some sorts and being flexible is the key word here. We must understand that it’s very hard for clients to provide absolutely all the information needed in the brief. If you feel that after reading the brief you need some clarifications, don’t hesitate to ask rather than just start working. Later on be understanding as sometimes information that has been provided does change and charging for every little thing may not prove to be a winning strategy.

Always say thank you! That at least is the way that I answer every message. Even if the client is difficult be as kind and polite as you can.
Never argue with a buyer, understand that you might have to explain even the simplest of things so arm yourself with patience.
Sometimes misunderstandings occur where the client misunderstands something and it is your job to make sure that if something like that happens that you will correct the situation right away in the most understanding way possible.

From my experience on Fiverr, there will be times when you will be completely swamped with work and others where you will find yourself praying for more work.
When there’s not much to do, cherish that time! Try and learn and improve your skills. Also a great thing to do is sending out custom offers. There is a daily limit of 10 so make good use of them. Always include a custom description on your offers so that they will fit perfectly with the clients needs.

Personally I think that 2-3-day delivery times on packages (with the exception of the extra fast option) are nonrealistic, at least in logo design. Quality work takes time and both you and your client need to understand this. Rushing things will not get you very far.
Often times clients take a long time to respond as they have to deal with a lot while running your businesses and might even be traveling. I’ve had cases with great clients who have had even 5 days at a time not being able to answer me. In cases like this I message them maybe once a day (but never more than that) asking if there are any updates.
Don’t be afraid to have longer delivery times as preset. If the client will be a prompt responder, then you might be able to finish everything much earlier and that will only make them so much happier. If not, then at least you avoid late deliveries.

If you are just starting off and don’t have any clients, then it is ok to have lower prices.
Personally I think that $5-20 for a logo is a totally unreasonable price and don’t be scared to ask for more if the standard or your work is in tune with that amount.
Quality work costs more and you need to be aware of that. Underpricing your services isn’t in any way a key for success. When I first raised my prices the most important thing that changed was that by working less I was earning more.
Unique, original, high quality concepts will never cost $5 because a lot of time and effort needs to be put in. There will be clients asking for lower prices and if you are the real deal then it is your duty to let them know that if they are looking for something truly exceptional (which they always are) then they have to pay the right amount for it. Some clients get thrilled by the chance of paying $5 for a logo then only to realize later on that it’s either poorly constructed, not relevant to their brand (although they like it), that it doesn’t scale down properly or even worst that it’s copied.

When I began my typography logo gig it was the only one on Fiverr, now there are 4 pages of similar gig’s.
I’ve also had people copying me, there are countless descriptions out there where buyers simply changed one word or other sellers who copied my previews images and bluntly displayed them on their page. This is something that will happen so be prepared to deal with it if you are creating unique concepts.
Try and find something that fits your skills and get better with every day at it!

** Hope this information will help you become a better seller and if you have any questions or if there is ever anything you need please feel free to message me anytime **


Thank you very much!


This is truly a good post. Thank you.



Thanks for the post. I created a gig using copy paste. After some time it was automatically deleted. I didn’t understand the reason but now I realized.


You are most welcome!

I hope my experience has helped you.

If you ever need any advice just message me!


Thank you, if I can every help you out with anything just let me know.



I can perfectly understand where you come from. Just do your own stuff and pursue your own ideas. I can guarantee that in the end it will prove to be the better option!


Hello, Congruentgraph.

Thank you for a great information. I hope it will be helpful for increasing my orders ratio.


Thank you very much.


Hello Congruentgaph, how are you? This is very insightful and absolutely true. I know I battle with a constant change in price because I’m trying to get huge influx, but from this post… I’ve learnt that it is totally important for sellers to know their worth. Thanks for this post


Wow!! This is one of the best post I have seen here!! Thank you sooo much for sharing your experience with us!!! Good luck on everything :slight_smile:


I’m very glad you like it!


Respecting your time an standard of work is key and pricing your work below it’s value isn’t right at all. I can guarantee that there are plenty of clients out there who understand what great quality is and have no issue with paying the right price for it.


You are most welcome!


Thanks Congruent graph for replying. I would also like to know how regularly I’m to update my tags.


To be honest with you I haven’t updated my tags for the past 9 months or so. In my experience whenever I had a rough patch with no orders I would just send out a few custom offers and get an order and then make sure to turn that client into a repeat one.

I think it’s very important for the tags to also be present in the description. What I did was to continue to update my description up to a point where now I am satisfied with it. Same goes for the preview images which I think are just as important as tags. What I don’t recommend changing often or completely is the main preview image because most often that’s how old clients find you for a new project and otherwise it would be a bit confusing for them.

Hope this helps,


Thank you so this post


Great piece! Thank you for sharing.


Thanks you for the response. I don’t know if you could take a look at my gigs and let me know if I need to make any modifications. I just hit level 2. Thanks once again for assisting.