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How I improve my average rating?

My account has a total of 4.9* reviews. So, how can I improve that average of 5*? How much order need to do to come back with an average 5* rating? :thinking:
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The only way you can improve your average is to complete more jobs.

And out of those jobs, you will require 5-Star ratings from most of them.

Just a reminder, you CANNOT ask a Buyer to leave a review as that is a Fiverr ToS violation.

You will have to hope that your skills earn you the 5-Star reviews required to bump your average up.

Simple math, really.

Yes - I already got a TOS violation warning from fiverr. HAHAHA. Because, buyer agreed with change the review - because, buyer forgot that i offered him unlimited revision. Then he contacted wiith customer support. Also he send me screenshot of that. Fiverr said, he did let. It’s no longer availabe to change or remove the feedback.

I hope you take the Fiverr TOS violation a bit more seriously than that.

Yes - I never talking about my ratings with customer anymore if they give me 1 star after good work deliver. Thanks Allah to give me chance. I got a great learning from it.

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