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How I Improve My Gig For Getting Response

Hi! I Create an Account 1 month Ago And Create Different Gigs But I Am Not Getting Order’s Can Anyone Suggest Me For Changing In Gig…
I Will Very Thankful To All Of You :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Hmm, I think the biggest improvement involves reviewing the English rules of capitalization. Applying this to your gig will make it look more professional.

Thanks A Lot For Giving Suggestions But Please The Check The Sample Logos…

I’m not sure the third sample qualifies as ‘minimal’ as it’s a rather complex image.

(The video also only contains 1 sample, and is littered with English errors.)
See the (IMG) section for more to consider:

Since you said you’ve made changes, it’s best to update the thread you already have, so anyone who’s checking can easily see what advice has already been given.

That said, it is looking a bit better, but your video still only has one example and still has errors. Also you’ve labeled your basic package “Sliver”, when you probably meant ‘Silver’.

OMG Thank’s For Suggestion