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How i improve my gigs and gate an order?

Hi all Dear Friends i how i improve my gigs i wand to gate an order but how? that’s my gigs links


I don’t usually comment on these requests, but there is so much wrong with your gig and profile.

It’s clear that English isn’t your first language, but your grasp of English is so poor that I think it will put many buyers off. That’s clear here in your message (‘wand instead of want’ - ‘gate instead of get’) but also, unfortunately, on your profile and gigs.

Screenshot 2020-08-07 at 14.15.05

Don’t refer to potential buyers as “Sweet and Dear Friends”. It’s really unprofessional. You’re here to do business, not date.

Are you being totally honest here? I know of businesses that bring in millions of dollars annually, that only have 10 or fewer staff. Don’t over-represent yourself, buyers can see right through it.

We’d have to fall in love in order for you to break my heart, and no offence, but I don’t think that’s going to happen. :wink: You seriously need to re-think this phrasing.


You offer 4 hours work on the Basic package, but only 2 hours work on the Premium package, despite the Premium costing three times as much. So this tells me you have no concept of how pricing works. Why would I pay $15 for 2 hours work, when I could buy your Basic gig 3 times and get you to work for half a day for me?

I kind of stopped looking at this point. Being brutally honest, you need to totally re-think whether you’ve got what you need to be able to offer your services here.


Share your gig on social media.

i change my mistakes you can see it and now tel me what i do and thanks for help me dear in making best gig

You need to convince buyer to buy from you. Communication skill plays a vital role in this regard. Improve English and grammatical knowledge first. You might have skills, but you need be communicative to deliver your message.