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How? I Improve My Gigs

I am new seller on fiverr and I Have a problem.My gigs Is rank on first page But I Cant Receive Orders.Please Help me How i improve my Gigs.That Is my profile link Please Check!!


May i can help you please go on the gigs tilte make it shorter and effective but your description should b brief and excellent

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could you please give an example, it will be helpful for me.


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If your images are showing your best work, then I’m not impressed. I would not order from you for these services, for reasons I previously mentioned in your ‘my fiverr gigs’ thread.

@imagination7413 how i improve images!!!

You asked ‘how’ to improve, I pointed out that your images are not professional. Fixing them is up to you. I won’t do your work for you.

OK I FIX THIS THANKS @imagination7413 !!!

The best thing to imrove you image to grom you personality inner spritually the outer personality becom lost latter on

I have not only focus on my image but alos my persolanity inner that is most important then outr look

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