How i improve my profile to get order


Please help me!
I am a level 2 seller with 96% positive rating,and i send buyer request on daily basis,but still the order is not coming this why?


Your are level 2 seller then why you are not getting orders did you make some changes on your gigs? since editing of the gig will lose their position on search result


There are thousands of sellers at level 2 with 100% rating. Some of them are probably offering higher quality at lower rates. The badge and rating don’t guarantee you sales.

It doesn’t matter how many and how often you send. Copy one of your most recent offers and let’s have a look. We can’t help you if you don’t show us what are you sending out.


You offer Logo Design service. There is a lot of competition in Logo Design. Need more patience.


Sir i send this buyer request and some more also,please check it and reply me.
I am adnanahmad and I am Professional Graphics designer. I will design modern and unique for your Business and for Your Concept.
I am sure you will love it. I will complete the project with unlimited revisions and money back guarantee. Waiting for your valuable response.


Theres is alot of competition On Fiverr . Top Rated Sellers Give Services on 5$ :stuck_out_tongue: I have seen a Guy which make full Website on 20$ So Best of Luck


That doesn’t mean anything! For example, If I can afford to buy a higher price service, I’ll definitely do it! However, then the seller has to provide a quality product and/or to be special! I checked out his/her profile and he/she isn’t at that level yet.

So she/he sould improve his/her designer skills.


You’re capitalizig the word Professional, but not your name. Why?
If this is not your name then use your name not a username.

What makes you a professional designer?
Your clients will decide if you’re a professional or not.

There’s a word missing. What will you design?

How can you be sure? Do the job first and then we will see if the client will love it or not.

Why do you offer unlimited revisions? It means either you’re not a good designer or you’re desperate. Buyers don’t have time to ask for unlimited revisions. They expect you get it right with 1-2 revisions.

If you’re good at what you do then you don’t have to give the money back. Why do you even offer it? It shows that you’re not confident in your work.

Ask a question related to the work. Engage them in a conversation.

Here are the 3 main problems with your offer

  • personalize your offer so that a buyer can see that you’ve actually read it. Right now there isn’t a single word about the request itself.
  • get rid of the useless fluff. Write what you have done and how you will accomplish the task buyer will hire you for.
  • your English doesn’t have to be perfect but you can correct the obvious mistakes with a spell checker


Sir can you send me the perfect buyer request.


I can’t write the offer for you.
How can I write an offer to a request I haven’t seen. Personalization is the key here. You have to read the request and respond to it based on its requirements.

Besides, you can’t use the same sales tactic as I do. The more I talk to the customer the more likely I will close the deal. However, due to poor English you have to let your portfolio do the talking.

#11 check it please.


Here’s an idea

  • Hire a copywriter to rewrite your gig description (Don’t steal from others)
  • Hire someone to write you a sales script
  • Hire a spokesperson do read that script (upload the video)
    Total cost would be around $100.

If this is not your style then do this

  • Hire a copywriter to rewrite your gig description
  • Do a screen recording of you designing a logo
  • Hire a video editor to cut it into a promotional video
    Total cost would be around $75

Will this get your more sales? Who knows, but in business you have to take risks.
You need to invest money to make money.


Thanks bro for the information.