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How I keep Level 1


Fiverr Community,

Today i get Level 1 Seller :v::v::v::grinning::grinning::grinning::v::v::v:

But, I don’t know how I keep Seller Level 1 please suggest me


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Many congratulations to became level 1 seller at Fiverr.

To keep level 1 seller, you have to continue working hard, you can lose your level one if you not keep maintaining your analytic, such as response rate, order deliver rate, selling seniority, ratings, days without warnings ETC means lot.

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Maintain these standards to remain a Level One Seller:


Always keep maintain analytics as per fiverr requirements. be humble with buyer and deliver best output i think its enough to maintain fiverr level.

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Is it necessary to keep earnings as per requirement to maintain level 1 ?
As I am not getting any order since last month but my rating are superb but earnings are not so good so still can I lose my level 1?