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One of the main methods was Fiverr Reselling. For those of you who did not see my case study, and is wondering what this method is all about, I have written a detailed guide below. It managed to bring me about $900 of pure profits in 5 days from starting. Without a doubt, on every money making thread there is someone who complains that the method does not work. First, just to clear some points up:

A) This method requires a big start up time, but then results flow in.

B) This method does not require investment.

C) This method DOES WORK and it wear 100% PROVEN.

D) I made over $900 with this method. You should be at least able to get one sale at the least!

  1. The point of this method is to basically resell some Fiverr gigs for more than the usual $5. There are hundreds of gigs on fiverr and most of them are complete bullshit and don’t help you in any way with your rankings. However, a small percentage of them are definitely a quality gig which can definitely help your rankings, and the best thing? It’s just $5. Quality gigs? When I say quality, I do not mean quantity. Don’t buy a list that offers 50k links to your money site. This is probably going to hurt your rankings. Instead, choose a gig which gives you 1000 social bookmarks or 2000 unique wiki links.

  2. So that is what you need to do first. Find a good fiverr gig which is definitely worth more than $5. Blogroll links sell well and there are gemstones on fiverr. The other day, I saw a PR 6 blogroll link go up for $5. PR 6 blogrolls can sometimes even break into the 3 digits so they are always valuable. Another one I found was 2000 unique wiki links in 24 hours. This is a good choice as you get to send your buyer the report in a very fast time. This enables you to possible manage more orders without worrying about turnaround time. And 2000 unique wiki links at $5? I’ve seen services like this sell for as much as $50 on other places. But one thing is sure - it is certainly worth more than $5. Another gig I found was 1000 social bookmarks. These can value anything from $15-40 so that definitely is a quality service. Pick a good gig. Make sure it is worth more than $5.

  3. Find a free website builder. Weebly will do fine although one of my website was deleted the next day. You can pay for hosting/domains if you want. Personally, I kept most of my mine 100% free and investment free. Now add a catchy title, for example, “Exit this page if you do not want to rank Page 1 for your keyword!” or something along those lines. Then below just write a quick few lines on SEO. And then below that explain again in brief your service (the gig you are promoting). Include a few images and just make the whole website simple. So… for e.g.:

    You’ve come to the right place!

    Yes, that’s right. You can now rank Page 1 for your term without investing a huge amount of money!

    Wait… what? Read on.

    You may have bought many link building packages in the past and wasted $XX-XXX+. But did the service work? Did it help achieve the rankings you desired? Did it help boost your SERPs like they claimed? No? Then you are on the right page.

    Read on.

    With this cheap package, you are getting 2000 UNIQUE Wiki Links. Why wiki links? Because they have been proven to work. And they work really well. Unlike the other usual bookmarks, article submissions and blog posts - wiki posts have recently been very valuable in the SERPs and many people have seen tremendous results.

    And to give this package a little more juice, we have added 10 high PR 1-5 blog commenting. Now you’re probably thinking this going to cost you a lot of money? Well think again, 2000 Unique Wiki Links and the blog comments are mostly sold around the Internet for as much as $50. Here you are getting it for $10 ONLY! Hard to believe right? And if that was not enough, we offer you a 48 hour delivery limit. So you get your report WITH ALL LINKS in within 48 hours!

    And with Paypal’s extra security, you can ensure that this deal is legit and certainly the cheapest online!

    Click here to order now and lock yourself in at this cheap price!

    There are 2 things which you might be wondering about the information above.

    Where was I getting the blog commenting from? Another Fiverr gig? And why did you say 48 hour delivery, when the gig says 24 hour?

    Firstly, we need to add value to our current service. This forum has a download section. That download section has THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS of valuable downloads. So once you have picked your gig, pick a +1. This can be blog commenting, a few high pr profiles, a few edu backlinks, whatever. This +1 will add value to your package and make your whole package seem a lot better (although it may not be).

    And with the time, things can go wrong sometimes. If the seller fails to deliver in 24 hours on fiverr, you are FRAGGLESROCK</b?. So just add on another day or two to be on the safe side of things.

  4. So now you have set up a website, added content, made the website look attractive. Up till now, you may have spent a few hours maybe? Good. Only a few more hours of work and you are ready to go. Now is the hard part. Promoting. I am going to outline a few ways to spread the word of your website.

    A) Scrapebox blasts seemed to work for me. I did a normal 30-50k blast and got over 10k live links. This managed to get me 10% of my traffic. Just point the blast to your money site. (We don’t care if the websites get deleted). This isn’t a money making scheme on the long run, its a quick short term method. So if your website gets deleted, don’t panic. Just get a backup of the website and build another one in minutes. If you buy a domain, buy it from another registrar. So for example, if you created a website with Weebly - then buy a domain with Namecheap. So if your Weebly gets deleted, you can redirect the other domain to the new website you create.

    B) Chat box promotions. One example is (not my website and I am not affiliated with it). Find some general SEO related chat boxes. So for example, a Wordpress chat, a Money making chat, a Google related chat. Anything which has a small connection with SEO itself. Just go in there and spam your link slowly. To not get banned, just PM your link to every person on the chat. Make your message quick and flashy. For e.g.: “Get ranked in Page 1 FAST - (your link)”.

    C) Freelancers. Hire a V/A or freelancer for a daily 4-8 hour job. This can cost anywhere from $10-20+. They will work under your commands for 4 hours. (or more). Give them a list of blogs to spam, a list of chat boxes to spam and so on. Then just monitor them every now and them to see how they are doing. This is for the people who cannot be FRAGGLESROCK to do it themselves.

    "Found out about (your link) recently.

    Like you, I thought it was a scam but these are my results… bla bla bla…"

    Make your service seem positive and people may PM you asking for the links.

  5. Once you have done the promotion, just wait. You can use Paypal to take payments on your main website. Paypal should not have an issue with this kind of method but if you want to be on the safe side, then use an alternative like 2Checkout or Plimus and then buy the fiverr gigs separately using your Paypal.

    Sheriff’s Note: Off Fiverr links are not allowed.

Reply to @kjblynx: I think you mis-understood her “$1000 in 5 days”.

Not surprising, since it’s a MARATHON to read her OP! [LOL]

The OP is NOT saying, she has made $1000 on Fiverr by selling her Gigs.

Rather, she has made $1000 by BUYING OTHER SELLER’S gigs… and then re-selling that work at a profit, via her own (Weebly) website.

My goodness! You made $1000 with 33 sales? Or was it 34?. In a year.

No, wait, you RESELL gigs? Is that right? But you say NO INVESTMENT required. So, what, you steal the gigs? No, wait, later you say to use Paypal to buy the gigs, but somewhere else to resell them, in case “Paypal” has some kind of " issue with this kind of method". Yeah, THAT sounds good.

And how sweet of you to suggest people “spam” their link “slowly”. Let me tell you just the way I like my spam: NONEXISTANT.

But you have to buy website domains…you said NO INVESTMENT was required. And the website might get deleted? Whyever would that happen, if this is all so nice and aboveboard?

Gosh, I’m beginning to think you, @benfort, with your shiny 70% positive ratings, just might be a big fat scammer.

benfort said: And with the time, things can go wrong sometimes. If the seller fails to deliver in 24 hours on fiverr, you are fucked.
I think that's the closest you come to the truth in all your garbage-speak.

If ever there's a list of members and gigs to be gotten rid of if Fiverr ever cleans house, I have a great suggestion for the #1 spot.

Reply to @kjblynx: Clarification required…

> This article can also be found…

Are you saying you found an EXACT dupe?

Or are you saying this is an oft-repeated topic, elsewhere, and especially on blackhat sites?

Reply to @kjblynx: Thank you for searching the web.

Ahhh… that would explain the “clunkiness” in the OP’s methodology.

This (unfortunately) is a “business plan”… that works! :open_mouth:

So I was puzzled as to why her posted version of it, fails. :-?

Now we know: Most likely, because she cut & pasted each section, from a different post…


Reply to @celticmoon:

> …in case “Paypal has some kind of issue with this kind of method”. Yeah, THAT sounds good.


> And how sweet of you to suggest people “spam” their link “slowly”. Let me tell you just the way I like my spam: NONEXISTANT.


> And the website might get deleted? Whyever would that happen, if this is all so nice and aboveboard?


> Gosh, I’m beginning to think you, @benfort, with your shiny 70% positive ratings


> if Fiverr ever cleans house, I have a great suggestion for the #1 spot.



Your post is just another Copy & Paste from a source outside of Fiverr.

Please help to keep this Forum as a place where Users can find helpful suggestions and tips from real Users, not a place to paste useless, questionable or mis-leading information.

Promoting your gigs is fine in the My Fiverr Gigs section of the Forum, but please do not mask Self Promotion as a Tip for Sellers.

And your profile photo can also be found on an Off Fiverr web site, posted over 3 years ago.

I mean, to me this sounds very sketchy, but the main ideas behind it sound solid. I know I’ve visited other sites for freelance writing or tips and all of them say if I get paid less than $5 per 100 words, I’m being ripped off. My gig is for 500-600 words. There are gigs on fiverr where people will make you a website, or a game, or do voice overs and stuff. These could all be resold for profit. I don’t know the technical side to how this is done, but It sounds like it holds water in theory.


Clearly there are folks who buy services (yours or mine) on Fiverr (or any other freelance site), and then resell to their customers. I’ve done it!

Some Sellers are up in arms over this and some Sellers welcome it. I’ve been doing voice over, radio, tv, advertising etc for decades. Reselling is not new and is a routine part of how business works, when it requires bringing multiple services together to create a final product.

Someone pays you to write an article.

Pays me to narrate it.

Pays someone else to create a power point or video.

Then charges their customer accordingly for the finished product.

I have regular Fiverr Buyers that resell my voice over. I appreciate the ones that are upfront about it and pay me more because of this. It’s honest, professional and lets me share the spoils, so to speak. And as Buyer, I do the same.

BTW, you are “not being ripped off”. You set your own parameters. The idea that gigs should be carefully planned before they’re launched is often ignored. Gigs should be created for viability, sustainability and leave room for future growth. Encountering re-sellers (and even seeking them out to buy your gigs) is part of the evolution.

On the other hand posting stolen, out-of-date or erroneous information disguised as a Tip for Sellers, clearly shows the low level of thinking many newbies use.

Reply to @voiceoverwork: Oh, I knew it was done, I just didn’t realize it was so commonplace. As for what I said about being ripped off, it was just to show how valuable our services are and the potential for re sale if you have the right connections. I use Fiverr as a way to try and fund personal projects, but I also use other sites like Elance. I have a long term comic job that pays about $5 per 500 words. I figure you simply have to show your mettle no matter where you go before you start making real money. :confused:


What exactly were you trying to accomplish with copy and pasting this nonsense?


First off this post has been floating around the internet for several years now… Second, those promotion methods didn’t work then, and will not work now. Guess how much traffic you’re going to receive from an Auto Approve Scrapebox Blast… err 0, that’s not how this works.

For anyone curious, yes reselling Fiverr gigs works great, but you better have a very nice site, and you’ll be doing PPC or Media Buys to drive your traffic, unlesss you can find a Niche where top search results are not dominated by heavy hitter service based sites, in which case you could crack in using SEO, but most service based keywords are going to be pretty tough, so paid traffic is your only option.

Anyway, to OP, thanks for the humor. I always get a good chuckle when I see this post again.

Yes I agree with you @uzi Keep it up