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How I made $266 dollars in my first few months on Fiverr

I started out on Fiverr in September 2015, and have already made $266 in sales on my gigs. It was easy, and did not require me to post or advertise on any sites outside of Fiverr.

Just wondering if anyone has any other tips to get to $1000 in my first year? If you do, please leave a reply, I really want to hear from you!


Yes, Check out my profile we have a gig that will promote your Fiverr Gigs and help your Fiverr business to make over one Thousand per month.

Thank you!

I continue to share my gigs content to facebook groups.
I am a marketing expert, so this is easy for me.

Your target should have been $ 1,000 per month

Do you have any specific advice on where to share them on facebook? I’m very interested in this approach. I think I should change my goal to $1000 per month too!

Try to get as many positive reviews as possible to reach level 2, add videos to your gigs, check your keywords and be keep on working hard. It is absolutely possible to reach at least $500 a minth.

Just share around facebook group. I keep it, because it is also my service

Thank you!
I have a 100% approval rating, but should add a video