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How I made 2K My 2nd Month On Fiverr

I am but a No Level Seller. However, I am on target to be Level 1 and have hit the income goal for Level 2 Seller.

I created my first gig Feb 1, 2019. I had ZERO expectation. I came to Fiverr because the local client I had changed their focus to translate all the courses I designed and developed into Spanish.

That left me with ZERO income. So what’s a girl to do? I said “why not.” And crafted my gig. I think I created 3 or 4 gigs my first day and then just let it go.

To my surprise, people started reaching out to me. I have a MS in instructional design and technology and over 20 years experience designing and developing online training. Although it is easy to figure out my skill level in “the real world,” online is different. I am new to providing what I can do in a virtual environment.

So how did I reach 2K? For one, I did not do $5 gigs. The design and development of quality and effective online training is a skill that does not have a one size fits all solution.

Most of my selling is from custom gigs. Why? Because I have conversations with those that contact me. I ask a lot of questions. I do not just “accept” what someone wants to do because often what they desire to do is fundamentally flawed. So I educate.

The result is either they run away because they just want their thing done and a quality experience for the learner is immaterial.

OR…they realize I have a great deal of knowledge and want to work with me.

Sometimes when I let someone know the price they run. That’s OK with me. I let them know that I understand if they cannot afford to work with me. And then, they sometimes come back because they realize the true value of working with someone highly skilled.

If you are struggling and just want a client any client will do and any order will do, you may find your experience to be less than stellar.

  1. Your energy contracts. Become an energetic match for the type of person you want to work with and do not accept someone just to get an order. Working with someone who is not your dream client is a bucket of suck!

  2. If your gig(s) are priced only for the budget conscious, then the result is you will work with those that do not respect you as a professional because you are not setting yourself out to be a professional. Up your prices to match your level of expertise. People will pay.

  3. Know your worth. Know you have a skill to offer and do not allow someone to talk you down out of whatever price you set. Stand up for your worth. If you make concessions over and over, then that is all you will do. You will lower your worth and devalue yourself.

  4. Walk Away. Say NO. Do not fear telling someone you are not the best match for their needs. Walking away empowers you and sends out the energy to the universe what you will and will not accept. Work with those that respect and value you. Walk away from those that try to strong arm you.

  5. Set standards. Have standards for yourself and your potential clients. I often send potential clients a Google form to complete. I can tell where they are and what they know and mostly what they do not know so that I can best guide them. If you have standards that clients need to meet, you will save yourself big headaches.

I hope that this was useful to someone.

Trust in your ability. Nothing says that as a new seller you must work for pennies. There is no reason to do so.

The right people for you are out there. It is up to you to attract them. Make your gigs and yourself attractive.


Congratulation on your success . :grinning:

And thanks for sharing you selling experience and the suggestion .Got inspiration . :blush:

I really appreciate this and wish you will get TRS soon . :grinning:

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Why thank you so much. I honestly 10,000% believe it all starts with your energy and what you allow yourself to be available for. Best wishes! Let me know how things go.


For sharing your successful experience .And sure I will post how is going . :grinning: .

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This is soooo inspirational! Have sales been consistent? I hadn’t thought to use the custom option. When you were just getting started did you use your business portfolio as examples or did you build that as you brought on new customers here on fiverr?

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I support you in what you say, we are the ones who value our work according to our knowledge. But that is more difficult to find clients outside to show your work

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Go ahead, wishing you all the best!


Nice one.
I wish you more success on Fiverr.


Great questions!

Sales - Some days I wonder “OMG will anyone else contact me.” And then I realize that is my energy contracting. That’s the protective part of me that is unsure about if this is sustainable. I shift my energy and focus on what I know to be true, that I am highly skilled and that I will attract the right people to me. That is just how it is. There is no choice but for the right people to find me because they are actively looking for someone to solve their problem which relates to training design/development. No day is the same. Some days it is crickets and other days I wake up to messages. I would say I’ve seen an increase, but I do not get a bunch of orders at once. I get one here and there and those that buy are paying what it costs to work with me. Yesterday, I had a meeting with a team that wants me to create their “thing.” I am scoping out 2 of the 11 modules today. I am guessing when it is all said and done, the total price they would pay will be over 6K. And this will be broken up into several sales because there is not enough “time” given in the system to be able to complete it all within 30 days. For me, I can make a few sales and bring in decent money–not enough to live like the queen I am (lol) but enough so that I can see there are people who are seeking someone with the skills I have to solve their problem.

Portfolio – In my gigs about training, I created a PDF that has screen shots of, job aids, training plans, CBTs, training guides, etc. If someone pulls that up they get a sense of what I’ve done in the past. When people contact me, depending on their needs, I will share partial Instructor Guides, Participant Guides, Job Aids, etc. that I’ve created in the past. I create temporary links to full courses and share as well. I typically will share a course about proprietary software that allows the learner to practice hands on within the training, branched scenarios, and typically something I did for pipeline control. Each course has a different look feel and they can “touch” it. When I delivered my first orders, I did not realize that I should create an image of my deliverable. I finally caught on. So that is how I’ve handled “here’s what I can do.”

Custom Gig – I use custom gigs a lot because what I offer does not fit neatly inside a box. My gigs are like entry ramps to my overall services. In my many years experience as an instructional designer, I know no project is the same. I know that things happen and timelines change. Every project is unique and needs to be cared for in a way that serves the need.

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Thank you and to you as well.

Bewst wishes to you as well!

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I disagree that it is difficult. I think it takes patience. I think your mindset is everything. If you believe it is hard then it is. If you believe that the right people will value what you offer and be willing to pay, then they will.

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Congratulations on your success!

Happy for you! Go ahead!