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How I Made $5k in 3 Months!


Fiverr has been life changing for me and I want to show you how you can succeed as well. I have to admit … when I first came here I was taken back by the $5 services. I thought, who would waste their time for $5? Is this really what the world is coming to? Not to mention the Fiverr and PayPal fees. But guys, it’s not like that.

I started in February and I think my first sale came a week later. By March I was getting a nice stream of sales and within 3 months I’ve made almost $5,000. I’m about $120 away at the moment and my goal is to make $3000 a month via Fiverr alone. That’s about double what I make right now. I’m a mom of 5 and this has been life changing for me. As a freelancer it can be difficult to find work, but Fiverr has built a bridge between wonderfully committed buyers and me. And I am so unbelievably thankful!

I’ve had a few blips along the way and I believe some learning curves, but I wanted to share them with you to help you succeed as well.

Here are my tips!

1.) Create a stellar profile page and great, detailed gig descriptions. Use your own picture and use video if you can. Buyers like to feel like they know you.

2.) Be kind. No matter what. I’ve dealt with quite a few rude buyers and even buyers who have made sexual remarks to me via the messages. Just be kind and report anything odd or alarming. No matter how rude a buyer is to you, even if you did nothing wrong, never respond with unkindness!

3.) Be willing to sacrifice in the beginning. I spent a lot of time doing A LOT of work for A TINY bit of money, but 2 months later when I reached Level 2 I was able to up my prices and decrease the amount of work I was willing to do for the $5 basic gig. I believe that people will pay for your work if it’s quality. Some people have a budget that just doesn’t allow for some of my services, and that’s okay, but those who do order from me come back because they know they’re getting quality service.

4.) Quality. That brings me to quality. Make sure you aren’t making mistakes before you deliver your order, not after. Don’t rush. Be open and honest with a buyer if you need more time, but don’t skimp on quality just to rush through a few orders. Be professional, courteous, timely, and always delivery quality work.

5.) Make sure your gig descriptions are detailed. As detailed as mine are, I still get some buyers who order the wrong gig or expect more than what I’m willing to offer for $5. In that case we often mutually cancel the order if they aren’t willing to add the gig extra. But you can prevent a great deal of cancellations simply by ensuring that your gig descriptions are detailed.

6.) Keep going! Don’t give up! Work hard. Answer emails efficiently and on time. Spell things correctly. Communicate professionally. Be willing to give discounts to repeat buyers.

7.) Learn more about your sellers. If there book is about parenting and I’m a parent, I will talk about that with them. Make conversation. Kindly speak to them in a friendly manner.

8.) Present yourself as a professional. Even if you’re doing pranks as a gig, present yourself as someone who knows their stuff. Pranksters are comedians, so be a professional master of laughs. Brand yourself well.

9.) Don’t fret over competition. We’re all a team here and while my services may not be best for someone, they may be for someone else. Fiverr is a great community and I’ve been inspired by other sellers AND buyers. Make friends. Not enemies.

10.) Never give up. Sales may begin at a slow and steady pace, but over time you’ll find buyers who are looking for YOU! Stay committed and work hard. You’ll get there!

Fiverr is on its way to becoming a main source of income for my family. We have struggled through hard times financially and Fiverr has served as a gateway to success, literally helping me feed and care for my kids in this suffering economy. I can’t thank Fiverr enough and I truly hope you can find the same level of success that I have. Of course, my goal is to keep on climbing until Fiverr is my MAIN source of income. I surely hope to be able to say that one day!

Have any questions? I’d be happy to help!




HI @odbtec,

Do you really take 2 month for you first sale?

I think I cant survive if the income less than $3000 in a month. Currently Im working and doing fiverr as my part time job BUT i need to quit my job (coz i hate my bos; LOL…).

Looking at my current situation, I need at least $3000 per month before i quit my job.




congrats and thank you for sharing your story!!


Woow… I’m absolutely impressed !!!

In just 3 months !!

I have needed 2 months for my first sale.

I’m very happy too with Fiverr. And also changed the manner how i look at life now. For me it’s the best system of work i’ve seen ever. And permits me to do all i want with the manner i want. To work with people of all the world is simply amazing.

Enjoy your business and don’t forget to help the people !!

Congratulations !


congrats. Keep growing.


Reply to @odbtec:

You’ll get there, my friend!


Great work and superb results @thebooklady !

Those are valuable tips too - I agree initially you should under promise (in detail) and over deliver. That way, your buyers will leave positive reviews and your profile will start to gather social proof - leading to more views, more orders and more income as your sales increase.

  • Neil


Reply to @copymoney:

Definitely! Thanks for the comment!!


Good story and tips! I have a similar experience–mom at home, needing some income, giving Fiverr a try thinking I’d make a little cash, but have ended up making a great monthly income that is helping my family so much. Besides, I love the work. It’s great to see others in a similar, great situation.


Thanks for sharing!


Reply to @writerlisaz:

Thank you! I’m so glad it’s working well for you too! I always need an editor/proofreader for my own work, so it’s great to meet another professional in the industry! I’ll bookmark your page. Always good to have a second set of eyes on your own work!


Congratulations on your success and thank you for sharing those great tips. They can be very helpful and valuable for those who will really dedicate to fiverr.

I hope that soon I will taste a fraction of your success :slight_smile:

Thanks again.


You go girl!


Reply to @thebooklady: Thank you! I’d love to work with you!


Reply to @dtongsports: thank you!


Reply to @handwritten_sol:

I hope you will too! If I can help, just let me know! :slight_smile:


Congrats! Thanks for sharing those great tips.


Reply to @manger13: you’re welcome! :slight_smile:


A huge congratulations to you, ma’am, you more than deserve it! :slight_smile:

I am a mom of two trying to find a way to work from home…I have been here since November and have not made nearly as much as you have by any means, though I often go beyond what I offered, am always nice, send out offers, and give my regulars discounts… But it was very encouraging to see that you shared those tips and are doing well on here, I know not to give up yet!