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How I made $9700 since january 2019

It was a great experience in the journey to Fiverr. I have been working in digital marketing since 2014 and join fiverr mid of 2018 but start work as regular since january 2019. Now is November and i am just a few days behind to end of this year.

My target was I will make $15000 from fiverr but also I have my agency and team so, I couldn’t focus here. although I made a decent number of bucks (9700+) as my part-time Fiverr.

So, I think its time to focus here as a full time and I hope I can have more a great returns from here. If anyone have any question please comment below.Thanks!



Wow, that’s really amazing.
I am new to this platform, can you give me some tips?

So how do you made it?

Good question. The answer is I got a lot of clients. But how?

I maintenance a few things to improve sales. There are

Much focus on gig image
Use gig F&Q
Focus on help people not sales
Quick response
Guaranteed services
Repeat clients

This is why I made it. I think its a not good enough numbers. But I couldnt even handle the orders because also i have my own agency and fiverr is my part time. Some times I got 20 orders in queue and i couldnt delivered on-time. then my level dropped. I lost my level 2 badge.


Make your gig attractive. Use F&G under the description. Be active as much as you can. Help people honestly. Focus on your niche and do not jump. Good luck

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:hushed::hushed:WOW!!!:open_mouth::open_mouth: :tada: Congratulations for your success! :tada:
I’m a new seller, and I got involved this August. I made my first Orders within last month. Every day I send out offers to Buyer Request. But after those two orders, no buyer has responded to me yet. I read your experience. So far I have acted as instructed. But I would kindly ask you for advice how can I give a good offer for buyer?
Thank you!


The screenshot shows that you have made 9,671.20$ but you have withdrawn 9,699.20$.

Is that possible?

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dude i just went to dashboard and take a shot and post it here. ,

Ok. Good luck. I get confused sometimes with Fiverr’s accounting. :smiley:

me too. i dont even understand this calculation

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You still had $40 (pending clearance) in the system, probably because you used Fiverr as a buyer before.


in this profile i never spend a single penny to buy anything. just eanred

and the $40 is a order i completed and that is now pending

Ah, that’s it. Thanks for the clarification.

I didn’t realize the section is for earnings only. Now the pending clearance makes sense and all the numbers match :smiley:

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I would love to know how to withdraw more than you earn. I can’t think of how that happened. Including the $12 waiting to be withdrawn that’s $30 more than was earned.


sometimes we cannot understand fiverr’s calculation, me too , confused whats it, but i didnt care or didn’t tried to figure it out.

I see it clear since @password1111s said the pending clearance is a recent order that is pending.


$9671 + $40 = $9711

withdraw $9699:
$9711 - $9699 = $12

Not sure what pending clearance exactly is (I joined a week ago :sweat_smile: ). @misscrystal you have several sales, maybe you can look at your earnings and probably have pending clearance from recent orders.

Congrats boss.Please share tip and tricks

How did he withdraw the $40 that is pending clearance? It is not available to be withdrawn until it clears.

Did he withdraw money and then have a cancellation which customer support gave back to him?


Give him margin of error guys :slight_smile:
But its interesting…