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How I made Level 2 and more then 80 orders in 2 months


This is the second part of my comeback story.
If you want to know more check it out!

Long story -short, I got my account suspended 2 months ago because I asked for payments outside fiverr and many other things ,including helping a friend with some reviews and so on.
When I got the message I was kind of relieved because I knew that would happen.I was in so deep that I had to start again.
So I did. I made another account and from there it just blew up, orders after orders and I was like 'Thank you God for this , I appreciate it a lot haha '.
It was quite funny that I reached 50 orders after I received level 1 badge but no level 2.
I asked them why and they said that it’s because I don’t have 2 months since I made the account.
Well, yesterday I received the badge! I am so freaking happy , because on my last account it took me 6 months, on this one, it only took me 2 months.
I bragged enough! Here are some tips that will definitely help you :slight_smile:

FIRST :slight_smile:
Especially when you are a new seller and you don’t have authority { level 1,level 2 or TRS} this is a MUST DO!
If you are lucky and if you are persistent you will definitely receive many orders.

I do this everyday.Usually when I get up and before going to bed I go over g+,twitter and LinkedIn.
Why ?
Because it increases your gigs views and also offers you more exposure giving you the chance to receive more orders.

I am a musician{singer-songwriter and producer } so that involves 3 jobs in one.
I cannot afford working my heart off, songwriting, singing and producing for only 1 review.
So I ask for 3 orders -, because there are 3 jobs , 3 different jobs and they all must be reviewed.

Last but not least, you have to be persistent, work your heart off , be polite even when they are not polite , positive and confident.
Let me know if you have any advices for me or any questions :smiley:
I wanna know your opinion :slight_smile: and why not…let’s turn this into a great conversation.


That’s great! Congratsss! You are a lucky one :slight_smile: Keep up the good work and soon you’ll get the TRS badge.


Thank you so much mate :smiley:


Well done for coming back and learning from mistakes. It is simply not worth breaking the rules to try get ahead as you will get caught and be back at the beginning - as you found out. Good to see you back and your reviews look really good. Keep it up!


Great story there, mate!
Best of luck for reaching TRS.


Thank you so much @eoinfinnegan.
Yes, indeed honesty is the best policy :slight_smile:


@munimbinsalim thank you sooo much mate :slight_smile: god bless you!


tell me are you a seller here ?


Yes, first I was a buyer then I began selling around 15 months ago. Being a moderator is voluntary and just means that I help out a bit on the forum. It doesn’t make any difference to buying or selling.


haha , I was just curious :smiley:
this is one of my virtues haha :))
always questioning people like I’m some kind of a cop :))


No worries, people see mods like we are cops but we are more like mall cops - 99% of the time we are just picking up litter and guiding people away from where people have vomited (figuratively speaking).


whattt ? was this supposed to be funny ?haha :)))) ?