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How I made my first 100$ on Fiverr

I wrote a post on how I made my first 100$ on Fiverr.

I talked about what I did wrong when I started in September 2013 which was:

  1. Irrelevant gigs in crowded niche.
  2. Random Photographs
  3. Lack of promotion

    And the changes I made

    In the Setup
  4. Create well researched Gigs which highlight your skills.
  5. Put high quality relevant photographs
  6. Promote your gigs

    In the operations
  7. Be Clear and precise
  8. Answer queries and be polite
  9. Deliver on time and as per description.
  10. Be clear about terms of Service

    Thanks to all the sellers who educated me enough that I could write on it.

Oh man, I have earned nothing :frowning:

Reply to @jvguardianz: you will wait it is all about getting the first sale. Create more gigs and keep working

Congratulations on your success.
We are happy to say that we have recently completed the same small but encouraging milestone. It means a lot to us, so small tip for everyone: Don’t give up, because you are closer to the top than you think you are.

I’m still hoping im not wasting my time here in Fiverr. But honestly I feel something good will happen. I think I just need more patience. Looking forward to have my first sale :)>-

I hope you`ve made more by now :smiley:

I made my first $100 in less than month. I’m really happy with Fiverr.

Me also entered in this category