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How I made my first $1000 in sales in my first month!

Hey there!

My name is James, professional dancer, choreographer, and instructor based out in NYC with credits including BTS, Broadway, KCON, and more.

As I’m approaching my first $1000 in sales on Fiverr by providing professional urban and street style dance videos to the Fiverr community, I wanted to write this post up on how you can switch up and improve your Fiverr profile for the better, in order to generate the sales and garner the audience you’ve always wanted.

So I’ve been reading a lot of different posts in the Fiverr Forum about how different factors like the current health climate or SEO have made Fiverr a make-or-break place for a lot of sellers.

Let me be the first to tell you that no matter what, you have the potential to reach your Fiverr goals a lot faster and smoother than you might think (with the proper knowledge and set up of course).

My biggest tip for you is to begin with your product or service.

That sounds super obvious, right? However, what I’ve been seeing are sellers focusing on their SEO, search ratings, etc. before making sure the product or service they’re offering is the best of the best in their designated niches.

You want to be on top quality-wise, not just search-wise.

Your goal is to make that first customer your first client, a repeat buyer who is more than happy to come back and order more, as well as promote your product or service to other buyers in the form of positive feedback or word of mouth.

If you want to check out how I’ve been consciously separating myself from the other dancers and dance videos on Fiverr, feel free to check out my Fiverr and related gigs on my profile.

Comment down below some aspects of my work, gig listings, or language that you believe have helped me generate this much momentum in such a short amount of time!

Feel free to also leave any questions you might have and I’ll be able to answer them :slight_smile:



Great profile, great niche. My suggestion is just removing the twitch overlay gigs, they distract from the core business. You want to be the dance guy, not the dance and twitch graphics guy, right?


Definitely makes sense. When I first started I was actually leaning on the graphic design end, but realized that dance niche could be more accessible and profitable.

I’ll look to implement that change soon!


Hey man, i love this creativity of yours. It’s awesome.

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I appreciate that! Just trying to offer something fresh and new on this platform.

awesome… :black_flag: creative plan


Thank you for dropping by!

What are some ways you’ve been continuing to generate Fiverr revenue at this time?

Have you been adjusting your marketing strategy, your product/service?

Let us know!

I just reached my first $1000 today!

Thank you to everyone who’s been dropping advice not only in this thread but my other one’s as well.

I still need to grow out some of my other gigs, but my best sellers are definitely doing the trick so far.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments!

I just took out a few of those graphics gigs! I’ll replace the last graphics gig once I have a different and unique gig that could fulfill another side of my dance niche.