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How I made my first sale on fiverr

There are many new sellers who haven’t make their first sale yet. I will tell you how I made my first sale with a little effort.

I was looking for various methods to get buyer views for my gigs. The thing I did first is sharing it in my fb profile and wait to get clicks. But it was useless for me because all of my friends started to tell crazy things.

Then I made an facebook page with some work samples and shared my gig as well. But I didn’t get views as I wished. So I shared the posts in some groups. But I didn’t spam those. I knew that I will not get orders from Asian buyers and I tried sharing in some USA, UK, Canada, Germany groups. That is the only thing I did.

Fortunately 1 buyer has seen my gig and he has checked my samples in the page and samples in my fiverr profile. He really liked it.

After I receive the message, I told him that I can do the job and I offered him a $5 offer although my gig basic price was $10. As he is my first buyer, I gave him the delivery within 2 hours after designing the logo. I got a 5 star rating within some hours and he promised me to give some more orders in the future.

The advice that I give you guys is to share your gigs on the places that you think you can find buyers. Don’t share your gig in every place that you have the ability to share.

You can check my gig here >>



Congrats on your first sale!
Keep up the great work (:

Congrats bro​:slight_smile::slight_smile:
I am also new and waiting for first order.

THis is so true @rey_designs

Good advice for new sellers . Good luck

Congrats for your first sale!
Thanks for sharing your technique!!! :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck: