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How I make $28,000 per month in sales within my first 6 months on Fiverr

Have you offered $5 gig until you reached level two seller, or you started with high price?

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Your success is phenomenal. However. I think you might come to regret firing on all cylinders so soon.

Hiring staff and renting an office is a massive financial commitment. The hard reality of the fact is that your sales could drop off a cliff tomorrow and never recover. This is especially true for your niche. Dropshipping, after all, is starting to fall out of fashion as more people move to the Fulfilled by Amazon business model.

For this reason, I’d make it my priority if I was you, to start creating more gigs in more niches so that you can survive and grow when the bottom does fall out of dropshipping. - This will happen. TBH, I thought it had already.

Your accomplishments are fantastic and you genuinely deserve praise. However, it is possible to grow too quickly.


It’s really great to see someone succeed on Fiverr like this. I do have similar concerns to Cyaxrex above.

I’m trying to figure out how 12 staff and yourself are sharing the $60k you have earned to date, in 6 months.
I can’t see how it is worthwhile for you to go from earning $10k/month on your own to $30k/month between 13 people and an office space and all the added expenses that staff and office space entail.
Wishing you all the best though but I would also suggest being careful about growth and a declining niche.


Congratulations on pulling yourself from the despair that you were in! It takes a huge strength and courage to be able to do what you did, and I’m speaking from experience here.

And thank you for sharing your experience and breaking it down to actionable points for us to take away. It’s been an inspiring read to say the least!

I’ve just posted my first ever Gig on Fiverr today. Wish me luck! :grin:


Wow great success story. Thank you so much for motivating me :slight_smile:

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Amazing success go ahead:grinning:

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May b this is the reason that I’m still struggling … your point looks logical, I’ll apply now

wow thats great.Have been here for 2 yrs with no sales.:worried:

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Awesome article! Thank you for sharing!
How did you get your first order? Were you just waiting for it?

@eeleechan I wish you a good luck!

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Thank you. Good luck to you as well! :nerd_face:

Wow! I am impressed. Thanks for sharing.

The bottom has mostly fallen out already and did so a while back. Thanks to Amazon it’s gone the way of large shopping centers in the US.
That probably doesn’t stop people from buying drop shipping websites.

When someone gets something that has been dropshipped the advertising that is included in the package may not be that of the one who owns the website also.

Most people in the US only buy from Amazon now. I know I do. I had a man in a bright blue Amazon shirt hand me the last package I ordered at my front door at 7 P.M. the night after I ordered it.

They will use drones to deliver packages as soon as they can figure out how to stop people from shooting them down.


Please where can I find your video… I would love to see it please.

Thank you.

I no longer buy items from a company that uses dropshipping. Way too many issues and I don’t get what I thought I ordered. I will buy directly from US or Canadian companies, maybe even ones from the UK. I look for a legitimate address, contact info, and phone number online. I don’t like to buy from Amazon, but at least they back up their purchases if something goes wrong. Also, there is something that you may never have heard of. It’s called “local shopping”. Buy from those little shops down the street, or from your local craft or artisan fairs.


I can’t imagine buying electronics from a drop shipper. No way to vet it or see if it meets industry standards.

I can understand dropshipping if you are modifying products, like with printing, but not if you are buying it as a third party.

So many people don’t look at it this way and just think of dropshipping as an easy way to make money. I can’t tell you have many gig inquiries I’ve received from dropshippers. They just don’t get it.

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I’ve ditched Amazon and third party drop-shipping businesses completely. 90% of what I buy is faulty or dissatisfying. I still grab bargains when I can off eBay. However, for the past 2-years, all my Amazon and indy retailer purchases have ended in disaster. I bought a 64GB mirco sd card recently from Geek. I got it cheap but didn’t get what I paid for.

Whatever I got isn’t a 64GB sd card. It gets recognized as a 64 GB card but maybe stores 1 GB at best.

I used to love shopping online for bargains and I used to get some fantastic deals. Now if I need something guaranteed to work or be worth what I pay, I have to go via official retailers.

The problem rests with almost all drop shippers and fulfilled by Amazon people selling inventory from Alibaba. There are exceptions, but you end up basically having the world of the indy retailer/dropshipper becoming synonymous with a kind of Alibaba tombola. You don’t buy a product any more. You enter a kind of lottery where there is an ever deceasing chance you get what you pay for.

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You mean Walmart? They have amazing deliveries of groceries now. And the best prices and fresh produce. Right on time. I just paid them $98 for a years worth of free shipping. They are in hot competition with Amazon.
I did watch that documentary on them however. :frowning:

Has anyone else seen the new advertising Amazon is doing where they are saying they give all kinds of worker’s benefits including health insurance and paid vacations? Walmart doesn’t do that. I’m quite enjoying this. :popcorn:

Target rounds out the show with their shipping policy to match those two.

I only buy things on Amazon directly sold by Amazon, not third parties or fulfilled by Amazon stuff.
Amazon has a problem it seems like with some things being fakes, various personal grooming things, face creams, hair conditioners, from my experience and from reading the reviews.

Amazon has partnered with Whole Foods also.

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Not necessarily Walmart, though my local store recently helped a lady who had an emergency and had a cart full of stuff. Another woman in line was offering to pay for her, when the cashier called for a supervisor. The store manager came and paid for everything in her cart. The store also does a lot of fundraising. We don’t alway hear positive Walmart stories so I am glad that if I choose to shop there, that they treat people fairly.

We have hundreds of local independently-owned businesses here. They run from gifts to lighting, fast food, clothing, etc. My city is old, so there isn’t a lot of real estate space to build big box stores in the downtown core.

Amazon has a local warehouse in my city too, and they are bragging that they offer all sorts of benefits. So, that job might be right for someone, but not for me. Some younger people love running around all day, being told what to do.

I really like Target but they failed in Canada.

We have an online retailer in Canada called Well. So far, so good. They have things that I can’t find anywhere else, shipping is fast, and I’ve never had a botched order.

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Target failed in Canada? I’m amazed since they do so well here. It’s a really nice place to shop, clean and neat, great prices. Amazon employs so many people and got a lot of bad publicity for being horrible to work for so they must be trying to improve their image.

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