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Reasons saying “pray for me” is wrong:

  1. This is a business site, not a religious site. It shows that someone doesn’t have experience in the business world.

  2. It’s a demand. And it’s a demand to strangers that they do something religious.

  3. It shows that someone desperately needs help from whoever they want you to pray to. This should be reserved for when someone has a loved one who is very ill or dying. Even then it is making an assumption that the person is the same religion as they are, and it’s still a demand.

I always wonder when someone says this, do they really expect random strangers to say a prayer for them on demand? It’s extremely offensive, particularly if the person they say it to is a different religion, or an atheist.

I dislike seeing anyone saying “wish me luck” too when it’s on a business site like this one. Luck has nothing to do with success on fiverr.


I see people saying “keep us in your prayers” on social media, but then again, they’re not saying it to random strangers (and they’re typically doing it in truly difficult situations, like a serious illness in the family).


I think praying is a personal thing that people should be the sole decision makers about in their lives. What right does anyone have to tell others what to pray about? Or even to pray at all. I hear it too in various settings and it always seems wrong to me.
I doubt if anyone actually does it, and it’s like people saying “our thoughts and prayers are with you” when you know they really are not praying for anyone.

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To tell, none. But they can ask, and I often see people saying that they will keep them in their prayers/send positive vibes their way.

They’re asking to be comforted, and they’re receiving it.

I completely agree that such a personal act is highly inappropriate on a platform for professionals.

Meh…I wouldn’t go that far. Maybe rephrase to “a platform where you can find some professionals as well” :slight_smile:

They aren’t asking. They are demanding. And if they are demanding that of someone who doesn’t pray it’s annoying. There are many religions and many atheists out there who don’t pray.


I apologize if I was unclear, I meant the people I see at social media, not Fiver newbies demanding that we welcome them and pray for them and give them tips and hold their hand and what not. :slight_smile:

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I’m really shocked to saw this. :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::crazy_face:

You hit the nail on the head about why it offends me.

Honestly, how dare someone tell me to do something for them. The entitlement baffles me.

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For me it’s the assumption that everyone is the same religion as they are. I have to smile and not say anything. :latin_cross: :slightly_smiling_face:

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Absolutely, and that we should assimilate to their beliefs. No.

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you’re right :grinning:

Thank you so much for sharing such a wonderful things

I agree, luck has nothing to do with whether you will succeed here, but, it sounds much less imposing than a demand to “pray” for someone’s success. That was the best alternative I could come up with at the time! :slight_smile:


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It’s really amazing…Best of luck…And your text is really helpfull :heart_eyes:

good job…best of luck

Thank you for sharing your experience. Great read!

another great story on fiverr.
I agree with you,
my plan for this year is to make a team because in 2019 fiver has provided many benefits for me.
In November a lot of work came and I have started to build my own studio and do the necessary preparations.
but at the beginning of December everything suddenly disappeared. no incoming message or order. This is very surprising from a very crowded and quiet and disappeared. and finally I still don’t know when my team will be formed in relation to all orders that have disappeared.

I visited on your fiverr account… and It didn’t seems… You have projected right here.!! Maybe you’re holding dual account to something else.

Thanks for sharing your experience :+1: :+1: