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How i make my gig poplular?

You can start by not spamming the forum

Contrary to what appears to be the popular belief among new sellers here on Fiverr, you’re not going to obtain orders by spamming the forums. The users on these Fiverr forums are not your customers; most of us are fellow sellers. We’re not going to purchase your services.

If you truly wish to become a successful seller here on Fiverr, treat your gigs like a business. Promote them off of Fiverr where your prospective customers are located. DO NOT sell internet traffic. And most of all, learn how to present your gigs in a way that attracts buyers… which means, make sure your gigs are edited and readable in English.

Very very simple. I always give the same tips to new SEO “experts” here on Fiverr - set up a website and apply their own gigs.

  1. Set up a website dedicated to your Fiverr gigs
  2. “Do SEO Backlinks pyramid dofollow edu” on the website
  3. “Do seo for traffic” for the website
  4. “Do onpage wordpress SEO” for the website
  5. “Drive UNLIMITED genuine real traffic” to your website

Your gigs will get popular, and you shall get lots of sales.
UNLESS you’re offering useless, meaningless, spammy SEO gigs.