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How I Manage a Full-Time Job and Freelancing At The Same Time

Hello, guys and girls!

I just wanted to share my thoughts with the forum on how I manage to keep a full-time job, freelancing on Fiverr, and even do some web designing work on the side - and still, have a life!

It can be darn though; I’ll tell you that. I know many of you do this already, and it’s not for everyone. Most people are content with their 9 - 5 jobs. But I’m a workaholic, and it takes some effort to put my foot on the brake from time to time, saying to myself “dude, get some rest.”

This is some of the methods I use to maintain my sanity when the orders start to pile up, my boss is pestering me to get that order through, and my web design clients are spamming my email with unclear instructions.

I Love What I Do

The first commandment. If you hate your job, you’re probably not gonna handle having another one when you come home at night.

I’m a shop manager at day, VO and web designer at night. I’m passionate about my full-time job, and my freelance work.

If I’m gonna do something, I’m gonna do it 100%, and if I can’t live up to that expectation, to hell with it. I won’t do anything related to work unless I love it. It’s been pivotal to my success.


If you’re not able to give 100 % at your day-job, you should prioritize. My primary income is from my full-time job, and my freelancing allows me to buy all the stuff my wife wouldn’t let me buy if I only had one income.

I always strive to exceed expectations at work. That way, my boss will be more understanding when it comes to my freelancing.

Staying on schedule

If you don’t have one, get one. I follow my schedule rigorously.

I get up; I shower, I respond to messages, check my orders, email(s), and drink way too much coffee. I go to work, get home, eat dinner, and then I will work on all my orders on Fiverr.

The spare time I have on my day off is normally when I would put in some work with web design clients if I have them.

This daily routine allows me to have a flow that works for me. You should have one too, that fits your energy levels and hunger for work vs. spare time.

Time management is essential when you’re combining freelance work and full-time jobs. I don’t use any fancy calendar apps, apps for notes, or to-do-apps. I keep it simple. Which brings me to the last point on my list…

Stay organized

I hate losing track of where I’m at with my work. I see many freelancers using those fancy tech-startup apps for notes, to-dos, calendars, time management, customer relation management, etc. I, on the other hand, like to keep it super simple.

The built-in calendar on my phone along with the built-in notes-app is more than enough. It’s simple, and it works.

Honestly, who needs an app that will sync your orders with the cloud across 15 different devices? I tried it, and I spent more time keeping track of my apps than I did my work.

I always have my phone at my desk, or in my pocket, and together with the Fiverr app, I have no problem staying organized.

I’m a victim of the tech startup web apps when it comes to time-tracking though… I use Toggl to keep an eye on my hours, both with Fiverr, my full-time job, and anything else related to work. That way, at the end of the month, I can see if my earnings match the number of hours I put in every month. Yey.

That’s it. I hope some of you will find this useful, and if not, leave your tips and tricks in the thread :smiley:


Love the tips! Funnily enough, I was actually just thinking about making a thread to ask about how people handle freelancing on the side as well, especially since it’s almost time to go back to school, so thanks for opening up the topic as well!
I’m a student who is also pretty new on the platform, and have never worked during the school year. I am working a full-time summer job, though, and it’s been a matter of knowing when to turn down orders if I don’t have the time for it. As much as I love writing/translating, I have to leave time on the side to breathe :sweat_smile:
But then again, I’m pretty inexperienced and definitely don’t consider myself the best at balancing work with rest (serial procrastinator here). It would be really interesting to hear from other people who have worked Fiverr part-time with school/work.


Maintaining the balance is absolutely important! If you get burnt out from work/school, you’ll be no less burnt out on Fiverr. Make sure you get as much free-time as needed to enjoy life! I myself, try to get at least 30 minutes before work to relax in a cafe, and one or two hours when I’m done with my orders.

Thanks for your input @somaginer1996


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No problem! My tips are nowhere near as extensive as yours, but I try. :wink:

Another thing I’ve found that helps me personally is setting longer deadlines. I’m a pretty fast writer (if there’s no research involved, at least), but I try to set project deadlines out longer. Doing this helps me stagger them so I’m not super overwhelmed if one is bigger than the rest, giving me time to finish up whatever work I have and ensuring I’m not rushing if something suddenly comes up in my personal life, or if someone gives me a smaller order without talking to me about it that I end up having to hash out sooner.

Also, totally agree with you about burning out. Having no energy is like a negative feedback loop: you’ll just get more and more tired with everything you try to heap onto your to-do list.

(Okay I need to stop rambling now, I seem to have a problem with that :stuck_out_tongue: )


It’s against forum guidelines to spam threads with your gigs. Please remove your post.

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Great advice @somaginer1996!

I agree with you 100%. Keeping your deadlines at a reasonable level will allow you some legroom. I keep my smaller orders for two days, and larger orders will incline by one day per 500 words. That way, I get enough time to handle my orders, even if I’m tired one night and need to get some rest.

Thanks for sharing that!

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Haha sorry, not too interested in cheating on my papers. Also my family lives overseas, so I guess good luck with that?
If people can balance personal lives, sleep, a full-time job, and the responsibilities of adult life, I’m sure I’ll be fine :wink:

@smashradio, how much time does it take you to complete a $5 task here at Fiverr? It takes me an average of 2-3 hours and therefore, I need to know (rethink) if I will be able to manage my full-time job when it takes me this much time to get $4.

Well, if a 5USD task takes you 2-3 hours of work, you should rethink your pricing strategy. I never have any 5 USD orders, because my minimum price is 10 USD. Most orders will be 15 - 50 USD and take me about 30 minutes of actual work on the order + 20 minutes communicating with the buyer and planning the order.

If there’s too much competition in your field and raising your price isn’t an option for you, I would take into consideration my hourly pay. If a 5 USD order is 3 hours of work, you’re making 1.3 USD per hour of work after Fiverr has taken its cut of 1 USD on that order.

If your hourly pay at a full-time job is way better, I would focus on my full-time job, not on Fiverr. If you are able to do both and get some extra money, then great, but 1.3 USD per hour sounds like a bad deal to me. Of course this depends on where you live and the cost of living vs. average pay in your country.

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PS. It’s better to have one order for 10 USD that take you one hour than 2 orders for 5 USD each, that take you 6 hours to complete.

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Great Tips. I kept the balance with Fiverr and my work until it wasn’t feasible anymore. I was making averagely what I earn monthly in 2 orders, sometimes 1. So I had to make a choice. This was 2 years ago.

I’m glad I did :smiley:


Thank you. I will align the prices with the time taken to complete the orders. :slight_smile: