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How i manage the scamming issue?

I deliver for a user a script for a video ad and the payment had not benn done! The fiverr payment tools are not so cool as i thought about it!

You can only deliver when there is an order.

And there’s only an order placed once the buyer has made payment.

So… You could not have got an order unless the buyer had already paid.

What you’re writing just doesn’t make sense. Please clarify.

Reply to @solow13: i had the order and i delivered!

Reply to @kjblynx: ok. i took the order and make the work in this way: order request delivery of the content.

You say that the buyer have an escrow account on fiverr and a buget of aquisition?

And, in 18 days i have my money?

Reply to @kjblynx: the buyer tell me that he don’t receive my .txt file! I think that this guy is a scammer for real!

You need to learn how fiverr works to me looks like you didn’t get it.