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How i met "fiverr"


Hi, My name is Emmy. I join Fiverr in October 2016. A colleague of mine came to me at the office on that faithful day and said, welcome back from your Honey Moon because I just got married. He said I have a wedding gift for you and he handed over to me a video tutorial on how to make a living via internet. I was downcasted at first as I have tried many work at home site and virtually all of them prove to be scam or unproductive.

When I got home I told my wife what happened at the office and she encouraged me to to give it a shot. I decided to watch the Fiverr Secret Video and I was impressed. I was so much in hurry to create my first gig but I decided to take it step by step. I watch the Video Tutorial Religiously and I decided to create my first Gig.

After settling up my account and my gig with the things I know how to do best (article and Business card Design), I jump into the buyer request and before I know it, some buyer messaged me and we had a nice conversation and that how I got my first order in in 2days. I was so happy that I couldnt wait again to enter the buyers request. As time goes on, buyers started messaging me without applying for their ads on the buyers request.

I am so glad I gave Fiverr a try.
I am glad I am making a living
Thanks to the founder of fiverr and all the buyers.

Long live Fiverr
Long Live Buyers
Long Live Sellers
Long Live Paypal :wink:

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Accept and deny orders , automation, extra options

Congratulations on your Fiverr success! :slight_smile:


Lovely story, best of luck :slight_smile:


Thanks lloydsolutions I am excited, Fiverr is real


Thanks I cant wait to be level 2 seller [quote=“wordandrecord, post:3, topic:115545, full:true”]
Lovely story, best of luck :slight_smile:


Congratulation :slight_smile: go ahead


hi Emmy

Congratulations :gift:



Hi Emmy,
For future purposes, you do not need to post about a thread on MANY OTHER threads. This is considered as SPAMMING.

This new forum system has a fantastic robust notification system. So new threads are seldom missed.

Best of Luck here. :thumbsup:


thanks for pointing my attention to this. I am sorry about that. It wont repeat itself.'thanks


Congrats Emmy! Keep up all the good work! :thumbsup:


Nice job, Emmy! I have been on Fiverr for almost 7 years and love it. My story is the opposite of yours. My wife told me about it. LOL


Please I can’t see my post again. It said. It has been hidden I think it was flag. How will I get it back


_Please I can’t see my post again. It said. It has been hidden I think it was flag. How will I get it back


Click on the envelope to see your “Messages”.

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Hi @contentexpertt it’s amazing and worthfull :heart_decoration:
Stay blessed and login live :slight_smile:


Many congratulations!!!
All the best for future…


Heeeeeeeey, all new sellers out there who complain they can’t get any sales because they are new!! You NEED to take your time setting up gigs!! There is a reason why a new seller can get his/her first sale within a week, it’s because they took all the necessary steps!!

Sorry to jump in and “shout,” but I just wanted to new sellers to be aware of this…
Congratulations contentexpert, I wish you all the best and happy gigging!