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How i promote my gig and get order?


i have been promoting my gigs from the last month but not receiving any order, i have promoto my gig through facebook paid compaign, but still not receiving any order
can anybody help me how to get order.


Unfortunately, no, we cannot help you “get order”. This is your business, you’re going to have to do that on your own. You’ve tried Facebook marketing… what else do you think would reach out to your target customers?


bro carry on your marketing
will get order


thanks so much …i wll try…and hope for good result


You have to promote your business on multiple platforms. But if you are just starting your business try to focus on “buyer request” section and get directly in touch with clients.


If you want to get order in fiverr you have to make your gig unique. Beautiful thumbnail, Eye catchy Title, start with 5 USD gig, use keywords in tag, Easily understandable description and many more.


go to forums, Fb groups! but do not flood! look the posts if someone is looking for services you offer!
and post links and some message to the poster, also use yahoo answers


thanks so much forr suggestion and help i will start one by one


If u are using ‘‘Buyer Requests’’ think about timing zones. I loged in every morning and had a blank paper, but on evenings orders are firing up :cowboy_hat_face:


Thanks for the tip! I was not aware of this.


thanks so much for your suggestion i am getting order now by following your suggestion


thanks for sharing your review :slight_smile: i loved helping

give me hearts :slight_smile:


Thnx !! It will help many newer !! Yes Time Zone is biggest fact in fiverr :slight_smile: