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How i promote my gig


Wordpress and Theme Installation


you should promote your gig via social media marketing like google+. facebook, twitter, etc


You can use twitter, example: I will install WordPress just for 5$ #Fiverr. Also, you can find in Facebook more groups about promoting fiverr gigs.


Thanks for suggestion…


Thanks i will try this…


Promotion outside for what ???

fiverres are not allowered to contact outside.

Any promotion of Gig can be usefull only inside The Fiverr’s index.

Outside people simply can save extra money by paying directly

I don’t think it’s a good idea to promote personal Gig outside

May be I don’t understand something


promote outside means connect with those people which already have fiverr account, means a platform like facebook, likedin and google etc… have users which have their own fiverr account… so they can connect with you through fiverr…
You say fiverr are not allowed to connect outside. Can you explain what type of connection this means so we cannot do against law…

And at last you say any promotion of gig can be usefull only inside… if you have any suggestion. tell me i appreciate your suggestion and try to work on that suggestion…