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How I ranked my GiG, and got 2 orders in a day, tips for new sellers

I would like to say something who are new and just starting in Fiverr. I have been in Fiverr for about 27 days now with not earning 24 days. At first I thought it’s not actually something we could develop our career. Scope of earning a handful sum to provide yourself or contributing for your family is quite impossible. Until my thoughts has changed, 2 of my gigs have been denied by Fiverr. I was pretty much pissed of, thought to deactivate my account. Then I thought, why don’t I give it a try for last once.

  1. I researched on how actually Fiverr works.
  2. Watched some of Youtube contents on how to rank a Gig on Fiverr.
  3. Then I used my design skill to create a thumbnail and video for the GIG
  4. Used my writing skill and wrote a nice eye-catchy title with brief description.
  5. Upload the GIG

Got 3 orders in a single day!! $65 total

Please don’t give up and work on your skills instead of copying others gig description and thumbnail. You Gig might get approved but it would be of no use.