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HOW, I rated my gig to the TOP PAGE


You can check in WHITEBOARD VIDEO AND ANIMATIONS my gig is on 3rd or 4th number!

and it was too easy for me to do it, and would love to share the experience with you :slight_smile:

  1. Always write a SEO friendly description or order one on FIVERR for your gig.
  2. Have some good images (graphics) so that your impressions could convert into clicks and orders.
  3. Always have a animated video for your gig with voiceover it turns sales more and more clicks ( check my gigs for more )
  4. go to Big Facebook groups and leave your links with good texts and offers so that people click and also that link turn into a backlink.
  5. Make a google page, fb page, twitter page, linkedin page about your service and post informations there, these would be social signals for your gig.
  6. go to forums and post relevant information and add signature ( gig link ) and be active.

follow these steps for 1month and see the results!
I will be adding more steps later! first you need to cover all these steps with full dedication if you want to score well on fiverr!


Thanks for the tips…will try it out


thanks! and please keep posting your feedback and more tips


I looked all over for it and it is definitely not on the first page. Sorry to tell you this. I looked for your best selling gig in every category under whiteboard and whiteboard videos and animation. Not there.


Hopefully OP can get his original gig back again.


Thanks a lot.:grinning:


Yes… Thank you Very Much.


thank u so much. for your good information


Lol, the reason for this can be that he shared his strategy. The more other sellers with similar gigs adapt his tips the more likely it becomes that his own gig looses its top ranking. Sometimes it’s not very strategic to share a strategy :slight_smile:


Apparently someone decided to get rid of his gig altogether:

GIG DENIED - because of fake complaint


Thanks all for your replies :blush:

but M NOT AFRAID - Eminem :muscle:t2:

Will work again and get back in few days to track and will again share my success with all of you guys!


This was your gig promotion post, not a tips related post because the tips you have mentioned are very basic as well as common everyone knows these things .:smile:


I doubt it - have a look around and see how many people are asking for tips on how to promote their gigs! :wink:


thank you mate… keep writing :blush:


Let’s be honest, the big majority of people who ask these questions are too lazy to read the forum and find a gazillion answers on their questions. They don’t want to get help, they want others to do everything for them. They come, fail and disappear. It’s always the same old song.


That is correct. If they had any ability to begin with they would figure it out on their own.