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How I reach Level 1 in 1 month? Your Views?

So I made my account on Fiverr in 2018 and made 2 gigs on article and blog writing and then I was expecting a rush of orders BUT nothing happened. Although, I was confident that since I have done freelancing for blogs and my portfolio links will give me an edge over others (I earn $50 per blogpost of 800 to 1000 words) but later on the blog owner stopped responding in 2018 so I moved to Fiverr in 2018 and was amazed to see that just for $5 people are writing 1000 word articles or even some buyers want 1 artcile per dollar. So situation was disappointing and I never came back to fiverr till march 2020 when due to pandemic things started to get bit scary for people, specially those doing 9 to 5 jobs. I revisted fiverr and saw that there are few new categories added where few people are competitor. I picked two of those categories. Made gigs and uploaded. After 14 days I got an order on 14th april 2020 that a guy needed me to do 11 videos tutorial series. He wanted me to provide services at $10 that I was offering at $15. I agreed and started working with him and finished my last job for him yesterday earning a total of $200 from him. As I started doing his orders so I received few other orders as well some were paying peanuts but I kept taking and delivering them. I would like to give you a good piece of advice since I earned $150 from an other client by this. Client was not sure what they want I can deliver or not so I gave them an option for initial piece of work. I said that I wont create an offer for it and gonna do it and deliver order in message. If you like this and you think you need future projects like this then I will create and offer and you accept but if you do not like it then no need to pay anything. So when I delivered the order then they liked it and it went from $8 work to $150 assignment. Check the buyers request because you get potential clients from there and give them these type of offers if you are new. I have earned $437 in exact 1 month this way.

Experienced guys please share your valuable feedback on it and give the points which I have missed that may help new sellers to climb up quickly on the levels ladder.

After 2 hours I gonna become Level 1 seller so I want to know from experienced sellers that does number of orders increase in level?

Happy fiverring.
Take care.
Thank you.


Are you telling me that once upon a time you had a writing gig? No wonder it didn’t take off…your text is really hard to red read.

Congrats on finding a new niche and reaching level 1 though.


Thanks for sharing!
I’ve first log in at fiverr 2018. I was like :open_mouth:
I’m running it better the last year and I’m trying more! I adore working from fiverr a lot!
There are buyers so kind and polite and there are buyers who try with the low cost version to get more and don’t want to pay for an extra revision. I want to find the way to avoid them!