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How I reached more than $20K on fiverr - Case Study

Hello everyone !!

First of all i would like to thanks Fiverr whole team and members. I sign up my account on fiverr in July 2013 but at that time i was too busy to make money by google adsense. I did blogging on entertainment niche like whatsapp status, facebook status, social sites dp etc. and earned sufficient money…

As per my about us on fiverr i described my self as i was unknown also from computer before 2008. My father gifted me laptop in 2008. from starting my nature is to research on each topic. in 2013 i found that some people making money from fiverr and using their skills on fiverr , i made acc on july 2013 but didnt start sell anything there after 3 year in September 2016 i started to sale on fiverr …

I ranked my many sites by own setuped PBN so i though i have to sale PBN links on fiverr i got some order in starting by fiverr so i did complete them … i did work always for a client satisfaction … I did many experiament on clients site by PBN and got a good results always … If you work hard then it always pays you …

Keep in mind that in starting you can’t earn more but consistency and quality will grow you always.

Now i am second level seller on fiverr and 100% Positive feedback (1K+), 100% Responce rate., 100% Delivery on time … and waiting of 15 may to be a Top rated seller :slight_smile:

Some point you can consider :

  • Make a Good response time always … Download application on mobile and make reply as soon as possible … I made 1 hour response time (Even in night while i wakeup for water i checked my fiverr :stuck_out_tongue: )

  • Buyer is always right so dont argue with them instead of argue make them happy by your skills or do something extra in each order

  • Make all order delivery on time (As per my experience keep some order in queue dont deliver too quick … If some order in queue its positive effect on buyer mind that you have a couple of order already)

  • If you got any negative review politely reply and explain what actual happen in feedback reply

  • Never compromise with quality. One quality down make whole account effect

  • Dont be oversmart by providing personal info in delivery report

  • If you want to make long relation with fiverr Be honest with your work always dont try to cross limit :slight_smile:

  • Analysis other competitor regular (Give one hour daily to analysis and try to improve service day by day )

  • Use a good quality Images and description should be meaning full not copy paste from other. You can use some professionals for this on fiverr. Gig Image

  • In order delivery ask buyer to buy another related service

  • Add more gig on your profile


Good job bro. Thanks for sharing. It’s to help all seller.

I know how you feel. Good luck! :slight_smile:

Well Done Bro :grinning:

I like it.

Congrats to your success.

I agree that there’s no need to argue with your customer, but they are not always right :slight_smile:
Quite often I need to explain to my clients why their idea is not good and why they should go with my recommendation.

keep some order in queue dont deliver too quick

Don’t try to trick your customers. If you’re a good seller you don’t need to worry about your queue size. If some of your buyers would know that you’re deliberately holding their orders to make your queue look better then they would be upset as well.
As you said it yourself - be honest. This also means don’t try to manipulate your queue size to get more orders.

The rest are good and well-known recommendations. :slight_smile:


Yeah !! Thank you …

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Thanks !! Yes its my personal experience … Will share some more soon

Yes you can recommend your view but i wrote this point after keep in mind some over smart buyer :slight_smile: I hope you got it … I also keep my point first if he is not able to match with our thinking then do what buyer want other wise he will unhappy with your service … some time buyer cant reach on our thinking so keep happy buyer to do what he want …

and on other topic about queue order … as per my experience if i deliver fast then buyer though i didnt proper work on his project … i faced these issue so i mention here …

Thanks for your suggestion also …

Great, nice info for newbies and best of Luck for becoming TRS

Nice to explain each point will care about these points in future thanks

We don’t have to agree on everything :slight_smile:
You presented your view and I shared my experience.


Thank you for your nice post, I also prefer that Never Compromise on Quality

Thanks You Bro… You will be a Top Rated Seller Soon :fist_right::fist_left:

nice, whats your average selling price

Or you know, have some self worth maybe?

Congrats Anil, it was quite a journey! Hard work always pays off, sooner or later! Keep us updated if and when your teach TRS!

great work. CONGRATS

I reached at 27000$… :sunny:


Yes i will write more tips and journey after TRS … Thank you

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