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How I receive my earning from fiverr to Sri Lankan bank accounts. Please anyone help me! URGENT!

I am new to fiverr. But I am from Sri Lanka anyone help me to how to get money from fiverr to Sri Lanka?

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Hi @rankbeast ,

Very happy to meet another Sri Lankan Seller.
Most Sri Lankan Sellers Use Payonerr As the Withdraw Method .
Also My Choice is Payonerr . :raising_hand_man:


Hi Diwaruna
Thank you for your help. Can you explain me how to set Payoneer account which bank accept Payoneer cards. How much time will take for this process. Please help me

Thank you

Watch this YouTube Video :point_down:

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Here which method suitable Payoneer master card or local bank in Sri Lanka. Did you do any transaction fiverr to bank in Sri Lanka? What about PayPal transfer method using Malaysia based user account method here some videos about in YouTube about this method

I tried open Malaysian account and add my Sampath Bank card but not work which bank card work in this method?

it is better to make a legal payoneer account of your own, and use BANK TRANSFER option for best results.

i guess There must be an way on payoneer to withdraw from your bank