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How I received 100 orders in my first 60 days [ARCHIVED]

I created an attractive gig thumbnail and video.
I offered for $5.00 what my competition was offering (with gig extras) for $25.00
I offered it in 24 hours when my queue permitted it, when my competition offered it in 3 days.
I wouldn’t stop with multiple revisions until my client absolutely loved the product.
My target was 0 negative feedback!

@nubbz03 Thanks for sharing your gig. I would make your gig thumbnail really catch people’s attention when they see it. Remember when most people see them, they are small. Look at some of your competition’s thumbnails and see which ones stand out to you as you browse?

You may be too cheap on your offer. People could question the value of your service if it is too under priced. Emulate exactly what you see your competition doing but maybe offer twice the amount of work.

Great,I’m going to follow your behavior…hope I’ll be able to get at least 30 orders for a month.

Very awesome and thanks for sharing!

Wow! Its amazing! :smiley:

Thanks for sharing your opinion. i am going to follow as per your instruction. hope i will receive more orders :slight_smile:

Great tips!

I offer $5 for 5hrs with same day delivery

I’m not even adding extras until I build a clientele

I am new to the site

Can you check out my gigs and see what else I can do to make it attractive