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How i recover my label


Hello, all mate having some problem, last week my label is down, how i recover my label,
have any idea please share, I provided logo design service, also last few days order ratio is down
please send me ur opinion


What label? I do not know what you mean by this. Perhaps impressions?


I think the OP is referring to levels that’s the only option.


That is an issue for many sellers. The only way is to get your stats up. :arrow_up:


hello mate, label means label one, label two, and top-rated,


You mean level.

(vickiespencer is your mate? :no_mouth: I’m jealous!)


The next evaluation for the levels is on the 14th of april, work hard to make the requirements and go up again.


If your level requirements have fallen significantly, it is unlikely that they will rise again in eight days. It takes 60 days for negative marks against those levels to no longer affect your level requirements. It will take 60 days, unless you can obtain and complete a high enough number of orders to offset the negative marks.