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How i see Buyer request


Can anyone told me, how i see and send more buyer reques? Last few days i can’t see any buyer reques, but why i don’t know.please give me few tips…


Refresh the BR page more frequently. Create more gigs in different categories. Advance to a higher Fiverr level.


Apart from the above you need to increase your gigs at least 5 gigs with as many skills as you can give in the skill section under profile. That will help you to get more buyer request. Hope this will work. Thanks


If you can’t see buyer requests it also might be connected to the low rating.


Though the OP doesn’t have a low rating, and I thought people who have a low rating will get a message saying so when they go to the buyer request section.


Take a look at this post:


You should refresh the BR page often, and stay online as long as you can. :slight_smile: