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How I see the future of Fiverr

Fiverr gigs split into two kinds:

1) “Pro” = very expensive

2) $5 gigs

Gigs priced any amount in between go extinct. :dragon_face: (dinosaur)

People will go to Fiverr for two reasons:
:one: Guaranteed-by-Fiverr professional services at a high price
:two: Professional services for a few bucks—but not prices such as $10, $15, $20, $50, etc.

:heavy_check_mark: Sellers who live in economies where the local currency is high against the greenback :dollar: will be set.

:heavy_check_mark: Sellers who have already worked for huge companies and don’t need Fiverr (but will be happy to use it because it becomes a hassle free way of freelancing online) will be set.

It seems that the group of sellers who have to charge $10 or $50 (because $4 will buy them a button or a piece of string in their economy) will not be in demand and no longer exist on this site.

I wonder what you think? Hope to read your comments, thanks :penguin: May.


How expensive could a Pro Gig be? $1000? Do people in general really buy a gig on Fiverr with that price? Might as well go to the local seller nearby my home for that price where I can come to their physical office/shop if there would be any dispute. Something that @uxreview said in another thread really makes sense (how to quote from another thread and bring it here?).

Most of my work is custom quotes. I do still get the odd $5 gig but most is in the inbetween category you say will be vanishing.

This I think will continue to increase as there are always clients who do not fit into a basic gig or need things urgently or have more than one order that they need doing.

Always positive when it comes to the future of fiverr :slight_smile:


@mae_creativity I disagree. We live in a diverse world with many different living standards, incomes, and economies. The market is changing all the time, but there will never be only a pro or “cheap and (probably) bad” solution for all clients. Project budgets are different, so are offers. Free market.

@fitrigwrites4u Yes, there are even bigger budgets on Fiverr.

I think the majority of people who will suffer from this change is the group who isn’t quite honest about their past, skillset, and such.

That is true. Although for some cases I don´t mind buying something for more than 5 bucks (10 bucks to 25 bucks per basic gig is still okay for me). But if it´s too expensive (say $5 compared to $100 where I would get exactly the same good result, I would go for the $5 one). Why? Coz I´ve got nothing to lose. I had once or twice experiences when I seriously told the seller to just click on that deliver button and they didn´t have to deliver and I told them I wouldn´t give them a bad review. I was just fed up being ignored by them (late delivery with no updates whatsoever) and my peace of mind is more important than a few bucks.

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We all have our own view of things. What matter most is your perspective… :blush:

@reskiyoer Thank you for answering my question. But I was asking about Fiverr buyers on average, which is the ones that @mae_creativity is talking about in the OP. Of course I believe there are buyers who would spend more than $1000, but how many of them compared to the majority? Also, someone (I forgot who and which thread) said in another thread, something like… for the same good result, would you go for the $5 or $500 one? :slight_smile:

Of course. But I’m thinking about what the first thing that people think of will be when they think of Fiverr. It used to be “anything for $5.” Then, “everything is available for $5 but also prices that are a little higher.”

This group suffers already, so that’s not a change.

For the types of services offered on Fiverr, I do think most people would prefer to do things quickly online. Everyone already buy everything including fresh vegetables on Amazon . . .

And at least from what I understood, the dispute issue won’t be that big of a problem with Pro gigs.

My perspective doesn’t matter—just posted my thoughts and wanted to know what others think. :slight_smile:

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Yes, that´s exactly what I meant.

The future of Fiverr is brigher, but cannot say the same to the sellers…

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Money is flying all over the place! People take loans from the bank to invest in their businesses.
I’m just thinking Fiverr will become the go-to for finding online freelancers just like amazon became the go-to for buying books online. Why not? People will just eventually just not associate the name of this site with ‘bargain.’

I’m not complaining, nor am I against anything. Fiverr is a company and I’m not the owner. They can do whatever they want to do.
My comment is just about a possible direction the site will take + if it turns out to be true, who will and will not be able to afford selling. I’m happy for both groups.

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I like Fiverr coz I don´t have to bargain, unlike on another platform (bargaining gives me a headache, lol). Anyway, each to their own. I was just expressing my thoughts, just like you did. :slight_smile:


I never said you were complaining.

I´m not complaining either, lol.

@fitrigwrites4u I wasn’t arguing, just a back and forth conversation. :slight_smile: :heart:
And I meant ‘bargain’ as a noun.

To answer this questions, you have to consider the different buyer types. I didn’t have a $5 order since a long time and I don’t get any requests regarding cheap, fast, and premium quality. My prospects and clients approach me with their budget and my pricing in mind. In my humble opinion, the $5-motto already lost its meaning. It’s true, there are still many people who visit the site with a $5 budget, but there are also many others with higher budgets.

Maybe you would go with the $5 offer. But if you order 20 $5 gigs and all turn out to be awful, you might reconsider your opinion. I know that there are many sellers who sell themselves under their value, but there are also many frauds. So, you’d have to calculate before buying. Even if it’s a 1:5 chance, I’d go with the pro seller. I don’t want to waste time with problematic gigs and their sellers.

I already responded to that above but to be more clear: I don’t have any numbers, but my feeling from talking with others, getting quote requests, and observing the platform, I’d say that there are more and more at least two-digit budget buyers.

I think that the system won’t change that much with pro gigs. The only thing that will change is the frequency of professional buyers. The cheap sellers will stay cheap and get cheap clients, the moderate sellers will stay moderate and get moderate clients. And so on.

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I know love. Just wanted to add that to my original post.

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@mae_creativity LOL, I wasn´t arguing either. This thread is funny. :slight_smile: :heart:

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LOL. Thank you very much (I guess I am a cheap buyer coz I never buy any basic gig for more than $25, and most gigs I buy is in between range $5 to $10). :joy:

Anyway, thank you for explaining. I guess each to their own. :slight_smile:


Fiverr : The Past - 2014 Writer99025 $5 for an article

Fiverr : Present - 2017 Writer99025 $5 for an article

Fiverr: Future - 2027 Writer99025 $5 for an article

Fiverr : Extreme Future - 2047 Writer99025 $5 for an article

Fiverr : Extreme Extreme Future - 2067 Writer99025 $5 for an article


I maybe should’ve added that “cheap” isn’t meant with a negative connotation but simply neutral. :wink:

Haha, well. I’d say either the amount of words per article will decrease or you’re selling yourself way under value; considering inflation, economics, living standards, your experience & knowledge, and so many more individual factors it could fill a whole book.