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How i sell my first gig.please check my gigs

Hi my name is Ahmad.I am not getting order from fiverr. So please help me check my gigs and account and told me what is problem.Give me tips to get order.Thanks in advance

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Hello Fiverr
Same problem
Also need help
Please check my LINK

You need to put the link, you need to add context, what are you offering, who you are, what did you do so far, did you read the forum for help?


Why are you not Level 1? 188 orders for 5$ is over 400$?

What about the stats? Any stat under 90% and you won’t go up to level one.

2016 and has no negative reviews. What could “kill” his Level 1? (I know from TOS what, but in his case, what)

Less than 90% response, cancelation or delivery on time. You can’t see any of that by looking at a profile.

Yes . I am
what can I do now. ? Help Ple

You have 188 5* reviews, I have 11, this should be backwards.

If you are facing issues just recently than it is due to world economy situation. We just have to wait for everything to return to normal.

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me also faced same problem . but what should we do . :sob:

You should wait, offer different gigs, get marketable skills before you start trying to sell anything, get your clients elsewhere, etc.

What do you people even expect others to tell you in the forums? If you get no clients that means you aren’t getting people interested in buying your services. That’s your problem. Nobody can help you.