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How i send a Buyer request and how i will get a job

Hi, I am a Saidur from Bangladesh
I’m a New Fiverr user, I regularly send my buyer request, but I do not get any work, how i get my job and how will I send a buyer request to the buyers?

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Use attractive offer format to buyers .
Then you can easily get a job

Do not relent from sending such BR for your order is coming very soon because you can never know when it will be.

You should write stunning text and sent proposal

The answer is simple: only respond to the Buyer Requests that match your skills. And then, make sure that you appeal to the scope of the request itself. Match what you can do, to the unique needs of the buyer. If you’re just spamming ten random, untargeted “buy my gig” responses every 24 hours, then you’re probably not going to win any sales.


Thanks you Sir, for your information