How I solve my withdraw problem


Hello mate,
I have problem, today morning i click my withdraw button but fiverr show me a message my withdraw service is disable, how can i solve this problem, need suggestion, I am contact support team but still no answer, if u have any suggestion please help me,


Sorry to hare that. If sent message to customer support then wait they will answer you shortly as son as they can.


mate can u tell me is it big problem or why show this problem is it any mistake for me or its a server related problem


Maybe any customer complained about you that’s this this problem i also face this problem before. but i am not sure when customer support reply they will tell you details


Thanks mate, last one have any possibility my id any occurred or disable just want to know, if u any idea please share


No . ID will not disable if such problem just apologies to them they will active payment button


Thank you much brother, actually pending huge $ than i afraid


Not to be afraid.:grinning: