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How I started Chinese to English Translation services?


Hi Everybody!
I’m Muhammad from Pakistan and I’m Providing English to Chinese and Malay translation services here on Fiverr. You are thinking that I’m from Islamic Republic Of Pakistan and how I am doing Chinese Translation. Story is that, Basically I am a Civil Engineer who graduated recently last year 2017. China and Pakistan enjoys a robust relations as China is largest partner of Pakistan. Due to large Chinese investment in our country because of CPEC , there opened a large number of institution throughout Pakistan for learning of Chinese language. Some technical universities are treating Chinese language as a compulsory subjects while some are offering as an optional Course. In my university our worthy Vice Chancellor announced to establish Chinese language lab in 2016. This lab offered admission by the end of NOV 2017. I’m very keen of learning new languages, That was a great opportunity for me. I with my Friend Mr. Muhammad Ahssan who was also a brilliant student and is now a prominent structural Engineer of our country, got admission there after a competitive interview by our Instructor. In our class, there is a mixture of students of teachers and I’m proud of it of becoming fellow of professors of our University. Mr. Awais, Our instructor we call him Laoshir(老师; teacher) is a great person, He is now in the top of list of my best teachers in my life, showed his strong passion and effort towards students. Briefly, In a few months we became enough expert in speaking of Chinese language.
During last days in University, My best friend, who had also become my roommate for 2 years, told me about Fiverr. I just considered it a fun, but now I’m realizing its importance. I created a gig, there providing Chinese translation services. Now, By the grace of Almighty Allah, I’m a 2nd level Seller and earning an handsome amount here at fiverr. Providing reliable and flawless services to my clients. Regarding Malay translation, I’ve a friend from Malaysia, an expert translator who will provide you with his services. If u need my services, contact me, I’m Always there for YOU! So, let’s go together, bringing 1.379 billion people closer to us!

Thank You Fiverr




As you have put a link this has been moved to My Fiverr Gigs as that is the only category to tell people about your gig. To put a link in another category will cause your post to be flagged.


Best of luck from my side… Wishing u a great start and best future…


I think you got the answers. next time when you post on the forum, try to explain the case briefly. so it will be easier to both you and the readers. Good Luck :wink:


Thanks for good wishes… I’ll care about your advice in future…


The question mark in the titile indeed caused some confusions, at least for me.

Anyway, congrat on your successes in fiverr. I myself speak Chinese(both Mandarin and Cantonese) quite well too, Hopefully I will have my first order soon.


Interesting story. And hello from Malaysia!

I am actually thinking of providing a Malay to English translation service also but I think I’ll stick with what I am passionate about :grinning: