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How I successfully attract reasonable number of buyers to my gig

I was once top of the category Banner and Headers. I just wanted to share my experience with you as I thought it will be helpful for new sellers who got talent but having difficult to get orders.

When I started fiverr, there was no one to guide me through the process, but somehow I manage to learn my own tricks to get orders. It is more that tricks, they are good practices. If you need to get orders, and attract more buyers then first be polite and have good communication with your buyers.

Here is my gig

  1. Communicate well and please be kind enough to tell them the right due time and it is a job you can complete or not.
  2. Don’t cancel the order at the last moment. If you have any difficulty, please inform the buyer at the beginning.
  3. Read the description clearly and ask questions if you have any. Don’t be late.
  4. Most of the occasions you can’t fulfill the desires of the buyers in your first try. Ask them for modifications and their ideas. Don’t ask them to pay extra. Just complete your job without thinking how many times you have to modify.
  5. Finally thank them for ordering your gig.

    You can just try these steps, I assure you will be able to attract new buyers as well as loyal customer base. Once they order from you, if your service is good, then definitely they will come for you again.

    Thank you for reading. :slight_smile: Goodluck