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How I think buyers should create buyer requests - From a lvl 1 seller

Hey all, I’ve been on fiverr for about a year and a bit, now, and have been a level one seller for a while now.
I’ve been sending responses to buyer requests for well, since I started and have noticed a large trend in buyer requests: Buyers provide no information, expect huge amounts of work for little to no money, or they expect buyers to send them samples, or else they won’t be considered, even when you can’t attach files.

Now normally none of these things really bother me, as it’s to be expected, I send people samples all the time when they ask/contact me first .

My problem is many buyers seem very entitled, and don’t listen at all, take for example no information, buyers will say “Need male voiceover for script, only send offer if cheap - Budget 5$ - time: 24hrs” I think these buyers are trying to get people to send offers, and then hassle them for cheap work, and I’ve experienced it too.

After sending them an offer, I’ll usually get a message saying “You sent me an offer to do this for 5$ my script is 2000 words, I need broadcast rights, and need it within an hour” Or something like that, where as the voiceover alone would cost 30$ then 25$ for broadcast rights and 10$ for fast delivery.

This severely angers me, and I come across these offers more than legitimate requests - I’m sure everyone will just say “Oh well don’t send them offers then” which makes sense, and I don’t anymore, but why do they try to hide information?! That’s not the only problem there is, another large issue is buyers will say “Please attach your samples to this offer, any who don’t will not be considered”.

you can’t even attach files, you should be able to but you can’t, It’s common enough that I include Please send me a message as buyer requests do not allow sellers to attach files and guess what, zero responses from any of those people.
Sure I could have a soundcloud link, or a youtube link, but how is that fair to me? I’ve even had buyers message me to just tell me I don’t get the job because I didn’t attach a file, otherwise they would have picked me because they like my voice. HOW PETTY IS THAT!?! I have 60+ samples on my gig, why not listen there, huh?

I’ve also had buyers who have requests saying that their budget is 5$ for say 100 words, which is well within my rate (350 words for 5$) so I’ll send them a buyer request response, and I’ll get a message saying "Hey, I saw your response, thanks! Can you do 2000 words for 5$ or some absurd amount of work, or they want commercial rights and broadcast rights, and 1 day delivery for a script of 2000 words for 5$.

I always decline, and half the time they say “well you need work obviously, why don’t you just take the offer” No, I don’t need the work, and how about you go and find some crappy quality VO artist who will do that for you with their apple headphone microphone.

To get to my point, and request for buyers to do - Please, to help you and sellers, include AS MUCH information as you possibly can, include a legitimate budget, do not try to hide something, even if it seems like you’re being stingy, sellers want to work with people who don’t try to hide costs, or get things for free, sometimes i’ll even work for a bit cheaper if buyers are kind and don’t hide things.
Bottom line, be kind, don’t hide things, and include AS MUCH POSSIBLE information as you can.


  • Joshvoices4you

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. Fiverr should put fair parameters on what buyers can request!
I just saw a buyer request for 210,000 word voiceover for $100! And it already has 6 offers! Who are these sellers sending offers?
My price is very reasonable and I value my time and professional work. This job would cost $21,000 if purchased through my gig. I’m sure I would offer some kind of discount as it’s such a large job but in the range of 20%. $100 is just absurd. Why not ask for free?!
It disgusts me.


I agree. It’s appalling.


The only saving grace is that those offers will either be above the clients budget, or nonsense. There’s no way the buyer will get what they want.