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How I use Social Media to Market my Fiverr Gigs [ARCHIVED]

I’ve gotten this question a few times, and although I generally give the super-short answer, I recently decided to get very long-winded with another Fiverr seller. I thought about it, and in the end I decided that the advice was worth enough effort to post to the Fiverr forum. Now, this is just one social marketing strategy among many, and I’m not a social marketing expert by any means. I’m just a guy with some prior sales experience who likes to read stuff on the Internet, so if you really want an SEO expert, uh… hire somebody else :stuck_out_tongue:

For me, I use my Google+ profile as the central gathering point for all things “me” on the Internet: links to all the blogs I write, links to all the books I wrote, links to my business page and blog, my personal resume, and whatever relevant history about myself that I want to share. It’s “me” for anybody who wants to look. I want to do a weekly video cast via YouTube Hangouts, but that’s on the backburner right now while I get my schedule sorted out. Until then, my primary means of advertising is my Fiverr badge, and creating content.

Every single day I spend 10 to 15 minutes writing a post on my dedicated blog, in this case, a daily one-card cartomancy reading for personal insight. I post this to my blog, where I use Google+ comments, and then it automatically cross-posts to my Google+ profile. From there, I’ll re-share the cross-post to relevant communities. The way this works is I create interesting content for people to read and share. No click bait, nothing sensational - it’s an accurate representation of who I am, so this way people don’t feel “tricked” when they follow the link because there simply is no tricking involved.

Everybody likes to buy, but nobody likes to be sold. So I don’t sell them anything - I just create and share fun or interesting content and cross-post it to relevant communities. People click through to read what I wrote, and prominently featured on the top right side of my blog is my Fiverr badge. That’s where the sale happens, and that’s where people click. Plus, because everything I do - and I mean everything - has an embedded “About Me” clearly posted, it leads them back to my Google+ profile where they can see all about me and my services.

My goal is to make people WANT to troll my profile and WANT to click through to my Fiverr account to see what’s happening. And the important thing is that there’s no trickery or deceit: I’m just me being me and doing what I enjoy. Having the Fiverr badge prominently displayed feeds traffic to my Fiverr profile, but the real key is the daily work. This is important because it’s about being visible.

To give you an idea what I mean, I’m going to be very honest: I’m not the best cartomancer for every client. Some people prefer a different sort of service, and that’s okay. I think I’m really good at what I do - and 10 years’ experience is evidence of that - but viewed as an absolute, there MUST be other readers out there who are better than me.

But they’re not as visible as I am. Because I write something every single day, my posts - by volume - make me more visible and, to use a phrase, “better positioned” than other readers. Or, viewed another way, I get the traffic and the sales because I get in front of everybody else.

If it sounds spammy, it isn’t: I only write once a day, and I only share content to a relevant community once. You’ve seen the people who post the same tired crap over and over, and those are the people that nobody likes. But when you create new or interesting content every day - even if it’s only a few paragraphs - this creates interest and positions you as a leader in your field.

So yeah, just by the statistics of it, there MUST be other people in my industry who are better than me at what I do, but my goal isn’t to be better than them: it’s just to be my personal best and make sure that my content is fresh and featured in relevant communities.

That’s how I use Google+. I could probably make a LOT more traffic and sales if I also used a Facebook account, but I don’t like their privacy settings and how difficult it is to know exactly what I’m sharing and who I’m sharing it with.

The other advantage to using Google+ is that it’s Google, and Google pretty much runs the Internet. If I want to come up in relevant searches, doing everything in Google gives me that edge. It’s a small edge, but I’ll take everything I can get.

I’ve got some other tips and tricks that I’ve picked up from experience and the Fiverr forum, and you can read them right here on the Fiverr forum: 32 tips and tricks to optimize your gigs and start selling today.

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Great information, however I just thought I’d let you know you’re using the word “troll” incorrectly. Somebody trolling your page is not something you want:

Hope that helps! :slight_smile:


finally am should be first choice Google+ like you :wink:


My first choice Pinterest


Nice tips.


Thank you


cool tips thanks


so nice tips


Google+ is awesome too. Not sure why it hasn’t caught on fire like FaceBook did. I use Google+, Twitter, and Pinterest for my knitting patterns writting that I do, and now I just jumped on FaceBook to share my Explainer Videos here on Fiverr.

Has anyone started a blog dedicated exclusively to their Fiverr work? I found a graphic design fellow that does work here on Fiverr for business cards maintains a website with a video podcast with it. It appears that he is doing VERY well in his city (NYC) and on Fiverr.

Great article!


great tip thank you.


good post. Thank you very much. Google+ is a good pace to promote our gigs


What I’ve found is that although some platforms are bigger than others, in a sense it doesn’t really matter what platform you use as long as you keep busy and do a good job of engaging your audience. Google+ saves me a lot of time since it’s integrated with my YouTube, Gmail, etc, so that’s what I prefer.


Well I too use google+ but I could not get any traffic at all, the reason might be i’m not that expert as you. Your tips are always healthy and sound good to me:)


‘Jab Jab Jab Right Hook’ by Gary Vaynerchuck is a very good book on that subject.


James do you have links to your gigs on your blogs? Any guess as to how much this helps your sales?


Google+ Is an amazing tool to promote our gigs. thanks for your valuable post


Nice tips.
Thank You.


I have my Fiverr profile badge embedded on my business blog, and my Google+ profile has a profile-related post pinned to the top so everybody who visits me will see it, but other than that I don’t advertise. I do a lot of free readings, and that generates interest in who I am and what I do, but even in my free readings I don’t say anything about paid readings. I let people become curious about me let them be the ones to visit my profile. I don’t sell them anything - they sell the service to themselves.

Does it “work?” The answer is yes. The number of sales I make is directly related to how much off-Fiverr work I do, and the results are fast. If I skip a day on my blogging, the next 1-2 days will be slower than usual. There’re clients to be met, but it’s a constant struggle to get in front of faces.

The Fiverr analytics aren’t worth much, so it’s difficult for me to say where my traffic is coming from, but my best guess is that ~65% of my sales are the result of customers I recruit from off of Fiverr. Probably ~20% of my present sales are people who found me via Fiverr. The remaining ~15% is the result of referrals - I have quite a few clients who place orders for their friends and family.

Having said all that, though, if I plotted the “weight” of my income, I’d say that ~50% of my income is the product of repeat sales. Most of my clients will start with a $5 order, and then they’ll move to a $25 or $45 order. So yes, recruiting new clients is important, but caring for my existing clients is even more important.


Very Nice Tips!!!


Please share your blog link here!