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How I Used My Downtime to Get More Sales

My last post was about me getting zero sales recently. I actually didn’t get any sales since the beginning of this month and according to the response I received from other sellers I’ve got to know that since most of Fiverr’s buyers are from the US and since it’s summer over there, they are out on vacation to enjoy themselves with their families hence them not ordering anything off of Fiverr.

From the moment I got to know this I thought positively and now I’m seeing results. I’ve received orders starting from yesterday as usual and I decided to share with you guys what I did in my downtime where I didn’t receive a single sale. Some of these points were handed to me by TRSs and other helpful sellers.

  1. Always be positive and hope for the best.

    If you always have negative thoughts from not getting any orders you have to rid yourself from that before anything. Be confident and always work and hope for getting new orders. This will help you stay focused on your work and also help you have a good mood all the time.

  2. Respond to messages ASAP!

    Since the new updates rolled in on Fiverr they introduced something called response rate (you can see yours on your messages section). So now apart from the usual response time we now have response rate to keep in mind. It may sometimes be practically difficult to respond to every single message you receive at lightning speeds since you have to first carefully go through each and every detail the buyer has provided you and then carefully work out your response but the bottom line is that now you got to do it as soon as possible. But now the response clock starts ticking as soon as you receive a message from a buyer. That’s a fact you have to face.

    Some ways to achieve a good response rate is to download and use Fiverr’s mobile apps on your tablet or smartphone. That way you know when you’ve received a message and can instantly respond from the device itself without having to wait till you get home to your desktop computer. If you don’t have a smartphone or a tablet but has a mobile where you can receive email, then find a way to receive your email alerts to your phone. Fiverr sends an email every time someone contacts you, so then you can use that email to read and respond.

    Another benefit of responding fast is that you can get the order right at the moment since the buyer maybe online at the moment instead of you having to wait for their response.

  3. Do a weakness analysis & improve your gigs.

    Do some research, check other sellers’ gigs, compare your gigs to others’ and tweak yours to perfection. That’s right! You can use your downtime to focus on your gig presentation. Tweak your gig images, description, tags and while your at it record a video explaining your gig and throw that as your gig video for top selling gigs.

  4. Learn new skills and expand your array of services.

    Use your downtime to discover new areas that you might not have tapped on yet and convert those new skills to new gigs. The new things you learn can turn into a massive success, who knows?

    Introducing different variations of the services you already offer also help. For example if you are designing logos, you can introduce new gigs to design retro, signature and other stylish logos apart from your standard logo designing gig.

  5. Share your new and improved gig with others.

    Buyer requests is a good way to find work so is writing ob forums and message boards where there maybe people looking for sellers to get their work done. Maybe contact buyers who may have purchased previously from you. You can use your downtime to spread your word on the work you do. But do keep in mind not to spam and forcing people to buy from you. I’ve seen this a lot of times and it may be bad enough to spoil your image and the rest of the Fiverr community.

    That’ll be all for now. Do let me know your own thoughts if you think I’ve failed to mention important ones.

    As always happy selling! :slight_smile:

Share if you have any more tips that might be of help.

Thanks for your tips!

Reply to @nm99602: You’re most welcome. Good luck!

@awesomesachi, wish I could give a thousand “Likes” to this post. I’m tweeting it out to my followers (handle is DavidHindin) right now.

Numbers 2, 3, and 4 are EXACTLY what I’ve tried to teach people every time they fret about not getting sales and trying to figure out how to improve their revenues.

Thanks for posting this!

Reply to @david388: Thanks @david388 for both your appreciation and for tweeting this post. I love helping other sellers out all the time. Do you think I failed to mention anything? I’ll be glad to add it to the post.

Reply to @awesomesachi: nope. I think it’s great as-is. I usually leave the same sentiments here on my posts. Hopefully folks will start taking it to heart.

Reply to @david388: Thanks! Have a good day :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing and great motivation! I’ll keep in my mind :slight_smile:

Reply to @mikucchi: Thank you for your comment. Have a good day :slight_smile:

I like the idea, always being positive, working and believing everything will work out

Yes! @awesomesachi: actually you right… what I have felt is as a designer when I keep getting a lot of orders I try to pick out time to improve my portfolio and gig presentation…

Although it should be done when we are getting low or no orders… we should always utilize the time best with improving your profile, portfolio & expanding your skill-sets.

Excellent tips, thank you

Reply to @ecover_graphica: That’s what keeps me going through tough times :slight_smile:

Reply to @manish_acharya: Exactly! I hope you make use of these tips. Wish you good luck

Reply to @handwritten_sol: Thank you for your appreciation and you’re welcome :slight_smile:

Hey thanks for the tips, I just started fiverr recently and it is good to see people like you helping out others on the forums. Thanks!

Thank you for your insight and best wishes.

Reply to @logointros: No problem man! Always glad to help another. After all we are a community. Good luck and please check out other useful posts on the forum. You’ll find plenty of useful info.

Reply to @julipalmer7: You’re welcome :slight_smile: