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How I was Able to Quit my Job Because of Fiverr


When I first signed up to Fiverr, I thought, hey. Maybe I can make a bit of extra money. I never would have imagined in my wildest dreams that I would get to where I am now, able to quit the corporate world and embrace freedom - thanks to Fiverr.

If you’ve just signed up and are wondering if Fiverr has the potential to turn you into your own boss, the answer is yes, it does. If you’re a new seller, it’s all about that first order. Once you’ve delivered one order and (hopefully) received a 5-star review, it’s only up and onwards from there. I went from having 1 order in my queue to 60, writing 10-20 scripts a day.

Anyway, I don’t want to blab on for too long, but I just wanted to share my story a little bit, and give hope to anyone wanting to break free from the soul-crushing typical 9-5 lifestyle working for someone else. Someone who doesn’t really care about you.

A good offer, a good gig video and something that people really want are surefire ways to succeed. I wish all new sellers and up and coming peeps on Fiverr luck :slight_smile:

Lauren Meikle


You’ve worked the system into your favor. Professional and motivated. Great work (and awesome gig video)!


Way too go!! I was able to leave my job 3 years go thanks to fiverr


That’s a great move. Glad to know that you are an African like me.


great move buddy.
try to be like you.


Welcome to the pursuit of happiness. :slight_smile:


Great! And actually it’s because of yourself, not because of Fiverr. It’s a tool and you use it the right way.


Best of luck for upcoming orders.


I Think you are right


That’s awesome way to go!


Wow, this post really has given me the assurance that, that my team and I made the right decision to board the Fiverr flight. With the ailing economy in this part of the world, I think it has become more imperative for skillful individuals to find a way of putting to use those skills, they had acquired in schools or other forms of training for some financial consideration, rather than remaining in underpaid jobs or carrying the toga of unemployment about one’s community like the plaque.


Where’s @esthernyambura?


I’m happy for you :slight_smile: That’s really amazing.


Although I am just starting, I hope one day I can do the same just by selling Animated Videos


I joined in October to fiverr now I have 2 reviews.


I’m so excited for you Lauren. I have recently been considering doing same, that is, being a freelancer through Fiverr. It’s a tough call but it’s still a thought.
I look forward to what the next three months will be like for me on here.


Interesting. What part of the world are you?


I am not sure if the OP is still active on the forum since this is an older thread. It is set to close after no comments have come it for a lengthy period, but remains open right now. :relaxed:


Good stuff… Congratulations…


Wow!!! That’s great and inspiring, waiting for my first order!!!