How I went from $15 earned in May to over $1000 (so far!) in June (and you can too)


A big thanks to all the other Fiverr users who helped me along the way. I wanted to give back to the community by writing about my experience on Fiverr and how you can become successful too.

The first step is to have a good gig. Not just a gig that you know is good, but a gig that potential buyers are going to think is good. What does that involve? Proofread, spellcheck, edit. Make sure your profile is free from errors. Not everyone on Fiverr is a native English speaker, but Fiverr IS an English platform, and if you want to compete, you need to get your ideas across.

I had to research how to make a video to showcase my talents. I did. It’s not the nicest video out there, but it gets the point across quickly, so buyers know in under a minute whether they want to hire me or not. Use your face. People want to know who they’re going to deal with. If you’re using a stock photo, they’ll know right away.

Fiverr is a marketplace and not a job. Nobody owes you anything. With this in mind, I wrote my gig page to show what I can deliver to the client, and how I benefit them. After all, you’re trying to win buyers–buyers are not deposited in your lap. Be clear in your expectations of the buyer, and be clear in what you’re going to deliver. Setting expectations is the key to getting good reviews.

Speaking of good reviews: I never had to ask a buyer to leave a review, and you probably shouldn’t either. If they want to, they will. Wow them with your great service, your timely delivery, and your professional demeanor. None of that sir/ma’am crap. They don’t like that. Talk to them like a person. Don’t call them dear. Though clients may use a casual tone with me in messages, I am always professional with them. You’re the expert. You’re the professional. Show it. Live it. Let them know by the way you act that you know what you’re doing.

And speaking of knowing what you’re doing, don’t undersell yourself. I struggle with this. Many kind and talented people on the forums helped me evaluate the worth of my service (big shoutout to @voiceofmichael for taking the time to critique me) so that I could sell myself properly. Fiverr is not a race to the bottom. If you’re only worth $5 (or the amount of time you’re selling yourself for is genuinely worth $5) then don’t be afraid to market yourself that way. But when you’re good and you know it, stand firm in your higher price. Buyers will be intrigued.

I got my start by trawling buyer requests. I was patient. I waited. I applied to every job I was qualified for with a unique and professional greeting that showcased how I would benefit the buyer and why they should choose me. Don’t use a cookie cutter template. They’ll know right away, and they won’t appreciate it. $800 of my >$1,000 have come from buyer requests. Don’t knock them. There are people who post on that board who are really looking for good service and willing to pay for it, but you have to be patient. Remember, Fiverr is a marketplace and you aren’t owed anything.

The hardest part was starting. Getting visibility. Getting those early ratings. Did I sell myself short and bend over backwards for jerk buyers that expected the moon on a stick? Yeah, I did, and you know what? I’m glad I did. I’m glad I worked too hard for too little to get the first five or six five-star reviews from satisfied clients on my gig that put me on the map. You have to give a little to get a little, and that’s okay. But you don’t have to stay there forever.

The forums are your biggest resource. They are filled with other passionate, talented professionals who want to see you succeed, but let me repeat something I’ve said several times already: nobody owes you anything. Don’t come to the forums acting like you’re owed help, you’re owed sales, you’re owed anything. You aren’t. Show some respect and it’ll be returned to you in spades. Reach out to other professionals on the forums. Ask them respectfully for their advice, if they’re willing to give it. Show that you’re trying. Ask how you can improve. Always strive for excellence. Don’t sit and wait. Do. Fiverr is a community of doers.

Get out there. Apply yourself. Be professional. Put your best foot forward. Do. No excuses. No complaints. When you hit an obstacle, you are surrounded by other people who have hit the same obstacles and will be willing to share their wisdom if you ask politely.

I can’t wait to see what July will bring not only me, but the rest of the talented people on Fiverr who are out there doing right now. Godspeed.

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Great post and I think you can think of offering some writing services :wink:


@joshcates great work


Absolutely! So glad to hear you’re doing so well and benefitting from the awesome brains trust here on the forum :smiley:


:grinning:Hey Thank you for sharing your experience with us.


Great work and Thank you.


Keep up the good work !
I’ve earned over $6k Over 1 Year


This is excellent, I am going to add it to my new seller advice resource post.



I’m tellin’ you the beard is your lucky :sparkles: charm. :wink:

On a serious note:

Josh, I really admire your enthusiasm, your growth & your positivity. Not mention you come across as a very a humble soul. I’m really excited for you and I’m sure July will be even better. :confetti_ball::flags::balloon:

Many come to the forum to moan about this or that, but they don’t want to put in the work, they want to take shortcuts. It’s also refreshing to see a user ask Qs or for help in a polite & respectful manner. These users take the advice and apply them accordingly. Then a few weeks/months later… When I see them share an inspiring story like yours it puts a smile on my face. :slightly_smiling_face:

Cheers! :tropical_drink:


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Great post - it really brought me back to when I was starting and realized the potential Fiverr had to make more than just pocket money which is what I signed up for.


This is best advice you can give to someone, not just on Fiverr tho.

Your story is amazing and I wish you all the best.


Awesome post. Fiverr is a place to make it happen but we all got to be patient, put in the hard work, always focus and do your thing.


Do you think so? I’m not so much a professional–I guess I’m a little bit nervous. :slight_smile: I’m not opposed!


I totally agree with @power_design. :pen: :ok_hand:t4:

You’ve got what it takes, so yeah, something to ponder over.

If you had a gig up & running, I’d place an order today. :wink:


You’re too kind to me!

Writing is my hobby–I’m working on a series of fantasy novels as we speak! That said, I haven’t researched writing gigs here on Fiverr? What suits me best?

Creative writing, ghost writing? Who knows? I’m scared. ;w;


Ooh, that’s awesome it’s my cup of :tea:. Romance, SciFi, and thrillers are my kinda thing!

I’ve purchased from Sellers who didn’t go to College or hold prestigious Degrees and Accolades. After giving them a chance, I was very impressed. A few I felt weren’t confident in their craft, however, they delivered high-quality, well-researched, and well-written pieces.

I usually get a chuckle when I see people offering writing gigs and their profiles and descriptions are riddled with errors & other foolishness. Writing Gigs are very popular so many become Writers overnight but can’t write for shit (excuse my french).

Short stories, eBooks, blogs/articles, video animation scripts, creative writing is all good. Maybe, give it a test run, choose a niche that you would feel confident in writing, without second-guessing yourself. Most of the writing gigs, I’ve purchased are from Sellers that post on the forums. Seeing their writing style is a big bonus in making my decision easier. :ok_hand:t4:

Maybe write a few short pieces to add to your portfolio (PDF) to give people an idea.


Thank you for the feedback! I’ve noticed a lot of sellers that flaunt their ‘education’ and ‘awards’ but when you look at their profile or the way their gig is written you can tell it’s all :cow: :poop:.

Doing creative writing would be fun! I’ll work through my queue first and then see if I can’t come up with a fun writing gig. I miss my creative writing class in college. ;w;


All the positivty in this thread is so refreshing.


Perhaps I should close it now, to seal it all in here and preserve it.