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How I went from new seller to level 2 in 2 months!


Fiverr has really been great for me, I first started selling on Fiverr in the middle of March 2017. At first I was hesitant because I didn’t think that I would be able to make any money especially against the many others offering the same service as me.

When I first opened my account I took a lot of time perfecting my gig and making sure everything was perfect.


Setting up my account


First I looked up the gig that I was offering in the Fiverr search engine to get an idea of how others were structuring their pricing, and what customers were looking for. I looked at which sellers were successful and which weren’t; and why that was. I didn’t do any of this so that I could copy their gigs, but you have to know what the market is like before you enter it!

So When I began constructing my gig My main focus was to have a video This is because I noticed in my field at least, there were only maybe 2-3 sellers at most with actual video of their face! So i saw this as a big opportunity for me to stand out from the crowd You could even say I studied others gigs to see what not to do, more than what to do!

So It took a couple of takes but I finally had a decent video that I could use for my gig, that:

A) Introduce myself and Identifiy the buyers need for my service
B) Explains what I am offering, how much, and why they need my service
C) Had a call to action at the end of the video to invite them to place their order!

I don’t have any education in business but those elements are what I feel are important for your Fiverr gig video!

Next I made sure to make my own unique description with sort of the same structure as the video, as well as details on which package to choose for each service, What files will be required etc.

Make sure to use line breaks, bold letters, and Highlighted words to make your description easy to read. Buyers don’t want to feel like they are reading an essay when looking for information on your gig!

Next, I structured my pricing, this part will be different for everyone; but I believe it is important when first starting to have your gig start at $5. for me I structured it using the three column service options view that Fiverr provides. I have the $5 package for my very basic service, and I have other packages going up to $50 with multiple gig extras ranging from $5-$15.

It is very important to offer gig extras! If you aren’t then you are leaving money on the table!

Also be sure that your profile is up to date with a picture, and description of who you are, what your skills are and where you are from. People like to know who they are working with!


Getting sales


So while I haven’t made an insane amount of money on Fiverr I have made so much more than I thought I would ever make doing this, so I feel my advice may be helpful to someone out there who is struggling.

My first week on Fiverr I don’t think I made any sales. After replying to buyer requests and even posting my link on forums related to my service I had nothing to speak for. This was very discouraging but I kept pushing because I knew once I had a few reviews under my belt, I could actually have some leverage. I knew that I would get good reviews because I am actually skilled at my service with experience in the field.

The first couple of orders I got, I made sure to treat each and every customer like gold. I still do don’t get me wrong, however in the beginning I took a lot of crap from customers that would choose my $5 gig, knowing that they are requesting services that cost much more.

Since I wasn’t willing to compromise my ratings and cancellation rates, I pretty much had to bite the bullet and do the service for basically pennies, and I had to do it with a smile. but I looked at it as an investment of my time now, for more leverage in the future. And thats how you should look at it too.

Fast forward to today and I have almost 100 completed orders, and I have a 5 star rating.

Thanks for reading I hope this helps someone out there who is just starting out and feels stuck. Im sure I missed some things but If anyone has questions just let me know!


Congratulations. Best wishes for your continued success! :slight_smile:


congrats and thanx for keeping us motivated :smiley:


Congratulations! :tada: