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How i will feel when i complete my first order


I have a dream that i will make it just like every other successful designers in fiverr,It has not been easy for me to be here
but believe me i will feel on top of the the world when i complete my first order.


When it happens, orphans will come down from a rainbow and sing “Tomorrow” while you gleam with joy. In all seriousness though, it will feel nice. That first order is vital for the establishment of your career. In order to increase your sales, maybe change things up a bit? Experiment with your tags, title, and cover photo. Do you check buyer request at all? That is a great medium of getting your first initial sale (thats how I got mine). Best of luck and if you need any help at all, feel free to message me. I’m typically feeling helpful–unless it interferes with my time with buyers, haha. Cheers.