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How i will get my first order ? help please


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same problem with me also ,one month already but i didnt get any order please expert brother help me

You don’t “get” orders… you earn them.

What are you DOING to earn your orders?

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i will make 3 gigs but i don,t got any order
can you give me any idea .

This is a mek-sel thread so I thought I would post this:


Perhaps he is asking what he NEEDS to do?

When you sit in the car for the first time, and the car isn’t moving, you ask the instructor “what should I do to make this thing move?” The instructor, which is an experienced driver, will guide you to switch on the car with the keys first. The put the gear on D, then try to accelerate. If the instructor says “what are you DOING to earn the movement of the car?” that’s just ridiculous. The new person doesn’t know. They would waste time by thinking maybe turning on the headlights will move this car, or maybe the wipers or something. The best thing to do is guide them the proper way.

Don’t hold their hands and teach them how to walk, but tell them how to walk, tell them it would take two legs, move one first then the other instead of saying “what are you doing to walk?”

No offence mate, but with your wide experience on fiverr, you can really guide people in the right direction and help them out, but always saying “What are you DOING to earn it” is not the best way to help people.


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There’s nothing wrong if the instructor asks “What do you think you should do?”. If your answer is to turn on headlights then before you put it in D you should cover the basics first :smiley:

I get the point you’re making and maybe Jon could have rephrased it, but I would have probably asked the same question. What have you done during the past month to get orders? If I know that then I can tell you what you should do differently because whatever you were doing is obviously not working.

If sellers would ask a bit more specific questions and gave us more background information, then our answers would be more helpful as well. :wink:


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Note: Tips for sellers is for YOU to share tips with other sellers. :pineapple:


If I stopped to guide every single new seller – who clearly seeks hand-holding, and doesn’t want to do their own research within the self-help materials that are already available on Fiverr, or here on the forums – I would get nothing done. It is not my responsibility, nor the responsibility of other veteran sellers like me, to do the work/research necessary to help everyone else be successful.

The information on how to use Fiverr, how to be successful on Fiverr, and thousands of tips to become a better seller are already available in the easy-to-find Fiverr Terms of Service, Fiverr blog, Fiverr Help & Education part of the site, and the many topics easily searchable here on the forums.

I encourage new sellers to be practical, proactive, and learn to think for themselves. Their gigs are their business – their freelance career. THEY are responsible for their own success. I’m not going to do their research/work for them.

Motivated sellers will take pride in their services – and succeed as a result. Lazy sellers ask other people to do the work for them. I support motivated sellers who want to succeed, and I encourage the lazy new sellers to start doing their own work. :wink:

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I know this topic is drifting, so I’ll give a tip to @sema0001
"Stop copying descriptions from others and you already have a better chance of getting an order"
Oh, and read the post @misscrystal made above.


Only a small issue, but consider using a higher quality profile picture.

If possible, can you answer Jon’s question? What have you been doing to earn (almost write get) orders?

It’s very hard to give you advice about marketing when we don’t know what your current strategy is.


how i can sell my first gig ,is day any soft heart Buyer who Order me at first time ,really it was a big help for me thanks

Just a heads up: The mods here don’t really like it when you hi-jack another person’s thread with your gig links.


thanks for your valuble tips