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How i will GET TRS?

I have completed 9 month here with 950+ orders and good rating , good response rate and time too. i provide the best services to my buyer. but still no TRS. I am also active on forum… can anybuddy tell what should i do to get TRS.

You cannot advance to TRS status on your own. There is no way to earn it by completing a certain amount of sales, ratings, responses, etc. TRS status is ONLY granted by Fiverr manually, if they feel you are worthy of the promotion.

I read somewhere that you need to contact customer support and ask them to evaluate you. Can anyone confirm this?

Yes you can contact them

You need to be UNIQUE in the eyes of Fiverr editors. Unique in gig making and/or way of delivering your work + communication skills with buyers. :slight_smile:

This is what fiverr officially said on levels page:

Promotion to Top Rated Seller (TRS) status is a manual selection process performed by the Fiverr Editorial team, based on a number of criteria.

We truly value exceptional customer care and community leadership within Fiverr, which is why we believe these are skills that make our community one of a kind. To ensure a Top Rated Seller (TRS) maintains exceptional service and is dedicated to the success of our community, we’ll evaluate all TRSs on an ongoing basis to make sure they continue to meet our high standards.

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yes i read some post which show this terms are most important to get TRS. from start I am following it. Just asking anything special needed.

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My communication is very fast and cooperative with my buyers. I always try to communicate in half hour. and provide best possible services.

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Unfortunately, how you see yourself isn’t what matters when it comes to TRS status. The deciding factor remains with Fiverr. They have their criteria, and, short of being great Fiverr sellers, there is nothing that we can do to gain that promotion.

Perhaps the best thing to do is to continue being a great seller. If Fiverr decides that they wish to promote you to TRS, they will do so – but it will be at their own time and of their own choosing. :slight_smile:

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Yehh Agree!!